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Paris - St. Denis area - Which part of this street is the least safe / unsavory

I couldn't tell for sure that prostitution never spill over Boulevard Sebastopol, but I never noticed it, or perhaps simply never paid attention. If it does, anyway, it would be only at night, or else despite rarely paying attention to my surroundings, I think I would have noticed.

This boulevard is one of the main axis for traffic in Paris, so I personnally would be more worried about getting a noisy room, by the way.

By the way, last time I walked down the "rue St denis" I noticed that there was very few prostitutes, much less than I saw in the past. But it was on a rainy day, so I wouldn't know if it means there's much less prostitution in this street than it used to be, or if it was the time of the day and the weather.

But prostitutes / sex shops are definitely rather found towards the north of the street. The south part is close to "Les Halles", that some people think is unsafe at night due to some unsavory-looking youth hanging around (nothing to do with prostitution) and end up at the Chatelet which definitely isn't unsafe. Caritaturing, following the street from north to south, you'll find sex shops, then clothes shops then bars. For homesick australian fodorites, the Oz bar is situated rue St-Denis, if I remember correctly.