Ue megaboom how to reset

UE Boom: This is how the reset works

Connection problems and other drudgery can occur with every Bluetooth speaker. Sometimes the only thing that helps is a reset. We'll show you how it works with the UE Boom and other UE models.

In another how-to, we have already shown you how you can couple one or more UE boom speakers with your smartphone. Problems can arise here and there. The speaker is not found, the pairing no longer works or you just keep being thrown out. If all else fails, a factory reset can be the last resort.

Note: Many problems can be solved with a reset, but not all! If you reset your speaker to the factory settings too often in a row, you risk damaging the device. You also have to know that with a reset all stored devices will be lost and you have to reconnect them!

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How does a reset work?

You can reset the UE Boom, the UE Boom 2, the UE Boom 3 and the UE Megaboom in just a few steps in the following way:

  1. Turns on the loudspeaker.
  2. Hold down the volume down button and the power button at the same time for about 10 seconds until you hear a beep.
  3. The speaker should then turn off.
  4. Turn it back on and try to connect.

Note: You have to pair the loudspeaker with your cell phone from scratch!

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What alternatives are there to the reset?

Before resetting, work through this checklist:

  • Is the speaker charged?
  • Are there perhaps too many devices connected?
  • Is it maybe your cell phone, tablet or PC?
  • Is the speaker too far away?
  • Is the app up to date? (If it doesn't work with the app, try establishing a connection without it)

You can find the UE-Boom-App for Android and iOS here:

If even that doesn't solve the problem, you should contact customer support and, if necessary, consider using your speaker possibly damaged is. But don't panic, maybe you just made a little faux pas while pairing!

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