Office space Hey Peter, what's going on

What happened?

It looked like a bomb had hit.
,, W-what happened here? "
Michael grinned at me, embarrassed, and said: “I wanted to bake you a cake because it's your birthday today. But something went wrong! .... Ah, happy birthday! "
Michael hugged me when mother stormed into the kitchen.
"Michael, what have you done!" She screamed desperately.
"I just wanted to bake Wendy a cake!"
Mother let out a sigh and then said: "Now you can see why women belong in the kitchen and not men!"
Michael bowed his head slightly. Now mother looked me in the eye and congratulated me on my birthday.
A little later I went to Michael and hugged him again.
"Thank you for wanting to bake me a cake!"
"Did or I would have liked to!"
At that moment the rest of the clan came into the kitchen.
,,Hey boys."
"Hello Wendy!" They shouted in unison.
They lined up in a line to congratulate me. When the last one congratulated me, John said:
"We have a surprise for you!"
A radiance spread across my face.
"Aunt Millicent said she had one for you too!" Tootles announced.
My expression turned to shock.

Sorry guys,
took a long time for it. But I just didn't know how to go on. But now it's out and I hope you enjoyed it! :-D

Your Lia :-)