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Reset zoom MRS8 to factory settings?

JeffVienna wrote:

Tell me, what is your recording process like?
(Assumption: the song is recorded on the MRS8 (it sounds bold via headphones there) and then sent to the PC via line out and processed there (and it sounds poor there))

Does it sound fat from the MRS8 itself? I don't think there is a defect in the MRS8 ...

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... right on the Zoom MRS8 it sounds "fat" gradually and during the recording, and when I save the recording from the memory card to the PC as a WAV file no longer
I suspect that some wrong equalizer setting crept in while recording on the "master track" (the guitar, the drums, and the bass are also weak)
When I play back the recording from the master track it sounds bold too, usually
would then have to sound the same when converting to WAV on the PC, like the recording on the master track

PS: is there no other program for the Zoom MRS8 files to be transferred to the PC?