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When in 2008 a red-haired young man of 17 appeared on English television on the talent show "Britannia High" and failed in the preselection, no one suspected that this very candidate would start an unprecedented music career a short time later.
But back to the beginning! Who is this guy with the messy hairstyle and his guitar, who has successfully conquered a permanent place in the music world today and has already cast a spell over many thousands of people with his soulful voice?
Ed Sheeran was born as Edward Christopher Sheeran onFebruary 17, 1991 in Halifax, Northern England, the second child of John and Imogen Sheeran.
The family moved shortly afterwards to Framlingham on the east coast of Great Britain, where Ed already knew in elementary school that he wanted to be a musician. In addition to his enthusiastic membership in the children's church choir, he began taking guitar lessons very early on. Often things couldn't go fast enough for him, so that he spent nights teaching himself a lot.
Of course, his parents were initially not enthusiastic when their son told them at the age of 17 that he wanted to move to London to live his dream of music there. However, they recognized early on that this was the path that had been laid out for their child.
Fulfilled by his great dream, Ed Sheeran played in bars and pubs almost every evening for the following months, sometimes in front of fewer than ten people. He played doggedly as a pre-act for other music groups and even worked as one of their guitar technicians. He was to be rewarded for his ambition just under a year later. He had already published a few self-written titles before, but with little success.
Different in 2009 with his song 'You Need Me'. With the addition of 'I don't need you' in the song title, this work saw itself as a kind of defiant response to earlier advice to change one's appearance better if he ever wanted to be successful. As if he wanted to show the world that there was only one Ed Sheeran.
And with this confident attitude, he finally managed to tour with other musicians, collaborate and release his debut single 'The A Team', followed by 'Loose Change', which was highly praised by music critics and enthusiastically received by his fans.
Shortly afterwards this was already sold almost 8000 times on iTunes, so that he finally got a record deal with 'Atlantic Records', where he is still under contract to this day.
At least since his appearance at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in 2012, Ed Sheeran has also been known far beyond the borders of England.
His duet with Taylor Swift has recently been released, a romantic and usually beautiful ballad that makes hearts cry and laugh at the same time.
We will definitely hear a lot from him in the future.
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