How the human eye perceives the radiation side

The human eye - how does vision work?

Now that we know how the human eye is constructed, we can devote ourselves to the function of the eye. Because when we know how seeing works and how complex the eye is, we will appreciate and protect our eyesight more.

Each of the above-mentioned components is important and plays a decisive role in the visual process or serves to protect the eye.

Once we have captured an object that we want to see, the eyeball is first brought into the correct position in order to be able to capture the object in the center of the field of view. The cornea and lens then take the image and send it to the macula. The individual layers of the retina are each made up of rod and Cones. The rods are responsible for the perception of light and dark and the cones for recognizing the colors. Since the macula consists of a particularly large number of cones, the yellow spot is able to see the recorded images in the sharpest way. There are also in the retina Light sensory cellsthat convert the captured light into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then passed on to the brain via the optic nerve - it is only in the brain that the received stimuli are put together, creating a finished image.

So that we can perceive images sharply, our lens guides the Accommodation by. The lens is adjusted according to the distance in order to regulate the sharpness of the image. The function of our lenses is comparable to the focusing of a camera, in which the lens aims at the target and focuses accordingly in order to be able to take a clear photo. In addition, the cornea ensures sharp vision thanks to its high refractive power.

To protect our eyes from the sun or artificial light, the iris serves as a "sun visor" - because as soon as too much light shines on our eyes, the iris contracts to protect the pupil from the light beam. But this protection is often not enough, which is why you should urgently wear the right eye protection with the appropriate sun protection factor. We will be happy to tell you which window tint is right for your work area.