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Frisbee: 5 games with the throwing disc

Frisbee games mainly take place outdoors, because only outdoors do you have enough space to throw the Frisbee far. You can play with two or more people. We present 5 ideas for playing the clay target here.

Classic frisbee games

You can play Frisbee in the classic way with two or more people. As a couple, stand opposite each other a few meters away. With several people you form a spacious circle.

  • The first player throws the frisbee to the next player so that he can catch the disc. Playing as a team, count the total throws you can get without the disc falling on the floor.
  • If you play against each other, you score one point for each frisbee caught. After a predetermined number of rounds, the points are compared and the winner is determined.
  • If you are at least four people, you can also form two teams and compete against each other. In each round, each team counts the number of successful throws in which the Frisbee does not touch the ground. Whoever manages 50, 60, 70 or 100 first wins.

Long throw with the Frisbee

To play long throw with the Frisbee, you need a large playing area. For example, a large meadow, a park or a soccer field are suitable. But you can also play the game in the water if there is enough space to throw.

  • Form teams of one or more players each and determine the throwing target before each round of the game.
  • A bush or shrub, a hill or a sand hole, a drawn line or a ribbon can serve as a throwing target. But you can also place meter numbers on the playing area or set other markings.
  • The teams compete one after the other and count the throws you need to reach the respective lap goal. Whoever has used the fewest throws at the end of the game wins.
  • Alternatively, you can set the goals so that they can be achieved with one throw. Then the team wins the round that was the first to reach the goal with a single throw.

A basketball variant with the throwing disc

You don't have to reinvent games with a frisbee. You can also convert popular classics into a game with the clay target.

  • To play basketball with the frisbee, you need a basket large enough to throw the disc through. Often there are baskets without a net where the Frisbee cannot get caught. You can also take an empty trash and set it up.
  • Now compete against each other and count the hits that each player sinks in the basket. Count the most hits to determine the winner, or pre-set a number of hits a player must achieve in order to win.
  • If you have a playing area, you can also compete against each other in teams. As in basketball, try to remove each other's throwing disc and sink it into the opponent's basket. The hits are compared after a predetermined playing time.

Race games with the frisbee

There are several racing games that you can play with the frisbee. For this you either need one or more teammates, or you play with a clock and stop the time.

  • For the first race game, mark a start and a finish line. There is also a line in the middle where the other players position themselves.
  • There is now one player per team with the frisbee in hand at the start line and one player each at the center line.
  • When the game begins, the Frisbee must be thrown to the player in the middle. He then has to run to the finish line with the caught disc. Of course, the players throw and run as fast as possible, because only whoever reaches the finish line first wins.
  • For the second variant of the race, in addition to a start and finish mark, you also need long, thin wooden sticks on which the frisbee discs can be juggled.
  • Now the players at the starting line place the frisbees on the stick and start turning them by moving the stick. Then they start walking towards the goal and are not allowed to drop the disc.
  • To increase the level of difficulty, you can also set up small cones in the playing field, around which the players have to walk. Or they have to change their movement, the direction of movement or the arm with the juggling stick on each cone.
  • Whoever reaches the finish line first wins. Alternatively, you can let the players run back to the starting line and then choose the winner.

Two-field game with a frisbee disc

As with volleyball, if you have two large sides of the playing field, you can use them for a team game with the Frisbee. There should be at least four of you so that you can form two teams.

  • A team is positioned on each side of the field and the center and edges of the field are clearly marked. There is only one frisbee disc in the game, which must be thrown by the players of one team behind the playing field of the opposing team.
  • The rear outer edge lines of the playing field are so to speak the "goals". Anyone who throws the Frisbee behind this line and manages to drop it to the ground before it is caught by the opponent scores one point.
  • Halfway through the game, the sides are swapped. Whoever throws the most "goals" at the end wins the game.
  • You can also play this throwing game very well in the water instead of water volleyball. Cooling down and having fun is very refreshing, especially on very warm days.

Do you feel like playing outdoor sports games even more? In the next article we will explain to you the rules and special features of beach volleyball.