What does Gilbert grape eat at the end of friendship

For a successful one Ice wine Winemakers put up with a lot of hardship in order to be able to bottle the essence of the wine in the end. Some of the grapes stay on the vine until January, in exceptional cases even until February, and can only be harvested when the temperature is at least minus 7 ° C. The harvest takes place at night in order to be able to guarantee such low temperatures. The grapes are also frozen when they are pressed. The water and fruit components separate in the grape, with the majority of the water remaining in the grape and only a small amount of highly concentrated grape juice being obtained. This also shows the greatest risk in the expansion of grapes Ice wine: If the winter is mild and does not have a period with temperatures below minus 7 ° C, there is a risk of total loss of the harvest. The proportion of vines that winemakers care for Ice wines use, is accordingly rather low from the start, what the Ice wine makes it a very sought-after, rare and high-quality wine.