What does lottery protected selection mean?

Rip off on the phone: Beware of false lottery contracts

Dubious providers use tricks to try to get other people's money over and over again. The telephone is often used for this. Anyone who receives a call from a stranger should therefore be careful.

The phone call comes as a surprise: you would have participated in lottery or competitions, the people called are told. However, these are chargeable and the contract runs for one year. Those who agree to confirm three games can terminate the contract early. The cost of the three games: between 70 and 90 euros per month.

With this scam, dubious providers are currently trying to pull the money out of consumers' pockets, explains the Rhineland-Palatinate consumer center in Mainz. The advice of consumer advocates: Do not let yourself be unsettled and under no circumstances accept the offer.

Reject claims in the event of uncertainty

Anyone who is sure that they have not agreed to a contract offer can reject the claim. In addition, the provider should be asked to provide evidence of how the contract was supposed to have come about.

The conclusion of the contract can also be revoked for security reasons. The consumer advice center offers a free sample letter. Also important: Regularly check the account statements and reverse unauthorized debits at the bank.

Don't be blinded by profits

If you take part in competitions or lotteries, you should look at the conditions beforehand, advise consumer advocates. In order to participate, it is usually sufficient to provide the postal address. Account details should be avoided.

Consumers should be particularly critical if they consent to their data being passed on to third parties. Caution is advised if neither the third party nor the purpose of the transfer is specifically named or only a general note is given.

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