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Wedding: Ottfried Fischer secretly married his Simone

Ottfried Fischer and Simone Brandlmeier tied the knot last Friday in Passau. Due to the corona pandemic, however, the celebration turned out differently than planned.

Last Friday - June 19th - Ottfried Fischer and his partner Simone Brandlmeier said yes after 13 years of relationship in Passau, Bavaria. The 66-year-old spoke to the "Bild" newspaper about the wedding that took place in secret and which the regional press got wind of - including the "Passauer Neue Presse" reporting on the marriage.

Instead of the planned 100 guests, there were only 15 family members and closest friends. The wedding was originally not supposed to take place in Fischer's adopted home Passau, but in Regensburg. But the coronavirus pandemic overturned the plan. The "sign of solidarity" became particularly important to the couple during the Corona crisis: "We decided to get married at the beginning of the Corona period," reports Fischer.

"We have been the perfect team for 13 years"

Fischer "always knew that I wanted to marry Simone". And even if everything wasn't as the couple had wished, the TV legend was excited before the wedding: "Of course! We have been the perfect team for 13 years," enthuses Fischer about his Simone.

In order to protect the invited guests, they paid close attention to corona protective measures all day - even at the private party. "To avoid misunderstandings, we took off our mouthguards when we said yes," jokes Fischer. After the civil ceremony, a church wedding should also follow. But first, the newly wed couple are going on their honeymoon: "We'll be going to the mountains shortly."

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