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Have you already lost or misplaced game instructions when moving or playing frequently? It happens to everyone once! Here at you can usually download the original rules for your game as a PDF file for free.

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Many of the rules of the game can also be modified. There are now a number of game variations for Mensch ärgere dich nicht. You will find the PDF download for originals of the most famous and popular board games at However, there are no limits to your imagination. Many of the instructions can be modified and expanded, so that more and more fun is created.

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Board games are also a nice way to pass the time on children's birthdays. Whether blind cows, pot beating, egg running ... of course, classics like Mensch ärgere dich nicht can also be played by forming player groups with more than four children. For all of these games you need instructions to be able to understand the game. We provide them to you here as a PDF free of charge.

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Board games are available in many forms and they range from pure games of chance, as there are, for example, many dice games, to strategy games and games of skill, right through to puzzle games and fun party games. However, they all have one thing in common: They entertain, are fun and drive away boredom. But all games have something in common, they don't work without game instructions or game rules.

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Enter the name of the instructions you are looking for in the search field. If no results appear, we do not yet have these instructions in our database. All other game instructions can be downloaded for free.

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Or how about if the children invent a new game? You will be surprised at the great ideas that come to light when little thinkers come up with new games and the right rules for them. Before the newly invented parlor game is played, the rules of the game should be summarized and explained again so that ultimately there are no arguments.

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Do you have instructions that cannot be found in our database yet? You can easily upload them here as soon as we have expanded the function. Help us to expand the hodgepodge so that other users can download them.

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