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Kiwi Plants

They also typically have little or no fuzz, so the fruits can be eaten right from the vine without peeling. Hardy Arctic Kiwi plants usually bear fruit at three to four years old. They grow best in rich, well-drained, somewhat acidic (pH 5-6.5) soils. Neutral soils are okay but if the soil becomes too basic, the leaves may show nitrogen deficiency and look yellowish. They do not tolerate salty soils.

Grow hardy kiwi plants in full sun or partial shade in hottest areas, like the Gulf Coast. The plants should be pruned in winter for form and to promote fruit production. The fruit is borne on shoots from one year old or older wood. Cut out shoots that have fruited for three years and remove shoots that have twined around main branches.

The large amounts of Vitamin C in the Kiwi helps in protecting cells against cancer by neutralizing free radicals. The concentration of Vitamin C is said to be greater than an orange. The mineral and vitamins found in a Kiwi are also said to be in perfect harmony to help the balance in the digestive tract. It acts as a prebiotic element for the body.

Kiwi fruit contains zero cholesterol, zero sodium, has Omega-3 fatty acids along with a heavy amount of dietary fiber, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, folate and potassium which helps ward off many diseases. The nutritional benefits of Kiwi fruit are helpful for losing weight as it possesses minor calories. It helps one loose extra belly fat and other areas too. The soluble dietary fiber content decreases your hunger issues. While decreasing the hunger, you lower the calories by not eating as often.

The Vitamin E and potassium in Kiwi are two good components for protecting the heart. These are some of many antioxidant properties that give a protective shield to the heart. Potassium content in Kiwi fruit helps to control blood pressue and heart rate. The properties in Kiwi fruit helps to modulate the immune system by protecting you from stress and other infective elements. It also prevents from bacterial and virus attacks and protects from other infective elements. It reduces the percentage of cell damage due to oxidation, repairs DNA which gets damaged by oxidative stress. Choose Willis Orchards for top-quality Kiwi Plants for sale!