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[Solved] Keyboard writes wrong characters / letters [MiniTool]

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It is really annoying when the keyboard writes wrong characters / letters. How to set keyboard keys back to normal in Windows 10? After reading this MiniTool article, you can get rid of keyboard wrong typing problem easily.

Keyboard writes incorrectly

In general, a keyboard is a peripheral device that can be used without any problems for a number of years. However, like any hardware, it may not work properly, e.g. the keyboard is lagging, the backspace, space, or enter key does not work, the keyboard keeps disconnecting and reconnecting, etc.

As you can see, the problems are many. In this article, we're going to focus on another common problem - keyboard is typing incorrect characters or letters. Sometimes the keyboard adjusts special characters instead of letters. This problem is common with a laptop. Of course, it can also happen on a desktop computer.

So what should you do when you press a key on your keyboard that writes different letters or characters? The solutions are presented below.

How to fix "Keyboard writes wrong characters / letters"

Make sure Num Lock is off

Sometimes your keyboard won't go wrong and the only problem is the Num Lock key is enabled on the keyboard. As a result, the keyboard wrong typing problem occurs in Windows 10.

In this case, you should press this key once and check that the keyboard can enter the correct characters or letters. If this does not return the keyboard to normal, try other solutions.

Check the language settings

Sometimes incorrect language settings can be responsible for the problem that the keyboard is typing incorrect characters or letters. So make sure you are using the correct language settings. Proceed as follows:

  1. In Windows 10, open the Control Panel from the search bar and view it by category.
  2. click on Time, language and region > language > Advanced settings.
  3. Make sure that "Override for Windows display language" and "Override for standard input method“Are set to the same language.
  4. Then click on to save.

If you're using any other language, you should too Settings > Time and language > Region and Language > add language and then set the newly added language as the default. Then follow the steps above again.

Tip: Sometimes Windows 10 settings don't work for some reason. To fix this, you can refer to our previous article for solutions - What to do if the Settings app won't open?

Run the keyboard troubleshooter

If you are facing the problem of keyboard typing incorrect letters / characters in Windows 10, you can try the built-in troubleshooting tool. The troubleshooter can fix common problems that affect your computer.

  1. Go to Settings > Update and security > Troubleshooting.
  2. Do you think ...? Find keyboard and choose Run troubleshooter.

Check AutoCorrect option

If the keyboard only writes incorrect characters or letters in Microsoft Word, but works fine elsewhere, it is most likely caused by AutoCorrect. So check it out.

  1. Open Word, go to file > Options.
  2. Select on the tab Document review the option AutoCorrect Options.
  3. Find AutoCorrect entries that convert letters and function keys to numbers and special characters, and then delete them.

Reinstall the keyboard driver

The problem of the keyboard typing incorrectly can also be resolved by reinstalling the keyboard driver. This is reported to be useful in fixing the issue.

1. Start the Device managerby right-clicking on Start symbol click and select this tool.

2. Find your keyboard driver, right click on it and select Uninstall device.

3. Click on Uninstall.

4. Restart your Windows 10 system and the driver will be installed automatically.


Is your laptop keyboard typing incorrect characters or letters in Windows 10? Now is the time to try these methods to resolve your problem. We hope you can use the keyboard normally.

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