Quadruple glazing how to

Versatile design: Plastic windows are available in many different colors and shapes - whether rectangular, round, oval or trapezoidal. They are even available in wood decor. The decors also offer important added value: the profile is also protected from the elements and sunlight. Plastic windows are available in many colors.

They are also available in a two-tone version, so that the outside is a different color than the inside. Thanks to the RENOLIT high-performance films, there are no limits to the color design. A selection of colors and decors enables individual design and exciting accents.

Lasting usability: First-class fittings from MACO ensure that the windows remain functional over the long term. The scratch-resistant and smooth surface of the plastic window is easy to clean and insensitive to the weather. In addition, the plastic profile is extremely robust, so cleaning is child's play. Compared to wooden windows, plastic windows do not have to be painted regularly, but only regularly cleaned and cared for so that the window shines again.