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Celo & Abdi - "Bon Opportunity"

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Producer masterpiece with Ronaldinho-Gaúcho-Flow.

Review by David Maurer

"This is the story of a society that is falling. As she falls, she keeps saying to calm herself: 'Up to this point it went very well, up to here it went very well.'"The way" La Haine "ends, the third album by Celo & Abdi begins: with one case. But only one thing is really important: the landing."Bon Opportunity" for this.

The introduction to the successor to "Acupuncture" could hardly have been more atmospheric. In just 20 seconds, a tremendous tension builds up, which is then in the brutal "Kickstart"discharges. The legitimate question:"Who wants to stop these two Kanacken?"Nobody. Especially not when M3 joins the Mainhattan Dream Team. The producer, who has been delivering some of the finest beats in Germany for some time, surpasses himself"Bon Opportunity"himself and lays the foundation for a terrific third album by the two Frankfurters.

From the crushing single "Amo Aller Amos"about the psychedelic"Persecutor"Right up to the Gargoyles theme sample at the end of the track of the same name, M3 lets the basses pump angry and the synths hiss like hardly anyone else at the moment. Snares and kicks always sit so perfectly that none of the pieces can actually be highlighted. Rather, it exists
"Bon Opportunity"with regard to its beats from 14 or 17 highlights.

A template that Ché and A naturally have to transform. And that's exactly what they do - with somber, entertaining "Ronaldinho-Gaúcho-Flow". Perhaps not quite as elegant, but just as idiosyncratic and distinctive as the former Barça star, the two flex across the field laid out by M3.

The significant increase in rap technology over the years is particularly evident in Abdi's murderer part "Amo Aller Amos"noticeable:"You little freak once watched a crazy movie / And then you probably believed your life was Blood In, Blood Out / The Twizzla Pound that you smoke is not from / Morocco but chocolate from the Milka Cow".

That the interaction with partner Celo works perfectly is not only proven by the successful hooks in the big city horror scenario "Gargoyles", "Ticker chromosome"or the title track. Also the alternating Gespitte of the paranoid dealer piece"Persecutor"shines thanks to the harmonious complement between the two MCs.

As on the predecessors, the lyrics boil up "Bon Opportunity"In front of various influences and references. Always with predominant French borrowings, Celo in particular once again spits a wild but resounding mix of different languages, famous movie quotes, footballer names and songlines:"Roll through customs in the A8 Long / Cabrón, Ché Apostroph, Azzlack comes / 385, puissance nitro / [...] Long-term damage Têtes brûlées / Call it Collateral Damage, Boyz in the Hood / Menace 2 Society, Bornheim on Fire / How super -Sayajin from Heisenrath to KKW."

That the storytelling of "First breath"on the other hand, it is a bit slow and it goes with"Last breath"Even the obligatory, but not overly cheesy 'Mach dein Ding' number has made it onto the album in no way disturbs the overall picture. Otherwise Celo & Abdi entertain as well as never before over the entire distance.

In addition to the two main actors in top form and excellent beat picking, "Bon Opportunity"But another great strength: the features. They are few and far between, but the contributions by Xatar and the arrest warrant on the aggressive monster" Heckmeck "put innumerable collaborations in the shade.Pump 'coat' in the 200 euro cadet who burned according to Heckmeck wi-bird"), Hafti is still in" Let The Monkeys Out Of The Zoo "mode and unpacks the lyrical blackjack:"OFC hooligan, anti-social fringe group / Azzlack the team,
the rest can suck cock.

Hanybal, who tells about the streets of Frankfurt as authentically as ever on "Zero Five Wars", and the equally strong collaboration with Olexesh and Veysel on the concluding "Blendoui" make any further feature superfluous. Instead, Celo & Abdi mainly rely on themselves, which has a particularly positive effect compared to their predecessor.

But there is no question: Even "Hinterhofjargon" and "Akupuncture" were undoubtedly good albums, which ultimately paved the way for the grandiose "Bon Opportunity". But the important thing is not the way, but the landing. And in this case it succeeds: a precision landing.