What does peace mean in Urdu

What is peace

Peace is the basic state that is always present.

The deep valley between being and not-being.

The calm, deep water below the churned waves.

The potential to move in any direction.

Peace has no cause and therefore cannot be found.

Peace knows no time, peace is timelessness.

Peace has nothing to do with activity or inactivity.

Peace is freedom from the self.
Unfreedom from the ego is war.
How can an I understand that?
Not at all.

Suitable for this and just found:

Extract from "The Path of Awareness“:

This was only my fifth lesson with him, and things were already looking great. I.
had spent a year with another martial arts teacher before him, and it was all easy practice followed by a vague feeling of accomplishment, but this teacher was something else entirely. Every block I could offer to his punches proved to be ineffective. Every punch I threw at him either missed or was deflected. His structure was like iron, and yet his movements were like the wind.

He could not only intercept my punches, but also my intention. He could read my mind like an open book and was already there before I even started. How could he do this? There was no way someone could be that fast!

Seeing the puzzled expression on my face and my rising frustration, he finally spoke. "Amit, you think about it, that's why you get hit. You think, therefore you stink! But right now you stink, so it is ok to think”, He said with a big smile.

I protested, "If I think, I end up being slow, and if I don’t, then I can’t tell what’s coming, so what can I do?

He said, "You must feel your opponent’s energy and respond naturally. You have no time to think.

But how?"I requested a clearer explanation.

You spend time in analyzing and that slows you down. A quick mind is not a mind that thinks fast, it's a quiet mind that responds quickly”.

I let that sink in for a few seconds. "But how can I have a quiet mind, when I am thinking or talking all the time?”I asked.

That's why you must train your mind too. You have to act instantly, and respond adequately. You cannot be spontaneous here, while training with me, and be casual out there in your daily life. That won’t work! You should always be ready, even when you are alone and no one is watching. That is Kung Fu, that is life!

In the following paragraph you can see that it had not gone far enough when the text was created:

Although we went through quite a few things to learn how to be aware, Awareness is not something you do, it is something you are. This book has been
about showing you that you are not the voice in your mind, but pure awareness experiencing this world.

That is duality. There is no world and no experiencer - only experiences = sensations = data that experience themselves.

A dynamically popping up and disappearing knowledge of what is currently appearing as that point / pixel. Whereby not "something"(Object) appears, but only"the knowloedge”(Self-knowing data point).

There are noField of awareness in which the world appears”- there are just a tremendous number of tiny little pixels that pop up and are self-aware. Their appearance and non-appearance depend on the appearance and properties of many other pixels (data networking and interleaving). World, objects and subjects arebrain"Generated many times per second from this noisy and vibrating mass of data.

If the perception is sensitive and fast enough and there is enough ability to concentrate, what has been said here can be experienced directly. There are people who can experience this directly after a transformation without having trained beforehand. That's how it was here. But many other people will not be able to avoid increasing their sensitivity, speed, resolving power and ability to concentrate - before they can experience this. If you don't learn to walk, you will never be able to walk.

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