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"Elbaue Jerichow": State administration office will publicly display the new draft

After numerous ideas and suggestions, but also criticisms from associations, farmers' associations and municipalities, the state administration office will develop a new draft for the planned "Elbaue Jerichow" nature reserve. However, a date is not yet known.

Jerichow / Stendal l A new nature reserve "Elbaue Jerichow" is to be created along the Elbe. So far, around 600 statements, some of which include signature lists, have been received by the State Administration. Denise Vopel, press spokeswoman for the state administrative office, confirms this in a message on the further procedure on the way to the NSG. The press spokeswoman said that the process of designating the nature reserve was particularly criticized. And rightly so, because the state administration also admits that "those affected did not feel included" or that "the administrative language was incomprehensible to many citizens".

However, that does not change the fact - the State Administration Office makes this clear again - that Saxony-Anhalt must designate this nature reserve if it does not want to violate European law.

What remains is the search for a compromise that is acceptable for both those affected and the state in setting up the nature reserve on around 14,200 hectares of the Elbe between Hohenwarthe and Werben - in one of the few areas with intact floodplains. The offer of the state administration office in this regard will be a revised draft ordinance with "fundamental changes" due to the numerous indications of the persons concerned. Among other things, the regulations relating to agriculture and fishing have been changed, and suggestions from anglers and hunters have also been incorporated.

No restrictions for events such as the Havelberger horse market

However, it will take some time to review all the information and revise the documents.

After that - an exact date has not yet been set - the new draft ordinance for the nature reserve will be interpreted and renewed public participation in the changes in the draft will take place. "The state administration office wants to communicate the changes transparently", explains press spokeswoman Vopel. Some of these changes in the Börde-Altmark region have already been specifically named. On the basis of the comments received so far, events such as the horse market in Havelberg, the Elbbadetag, the Elbdeichmarathon in Tangermünde and the flower festival in Rogätz are exempted to the previous extent. It is also planned to allow the use of ice rinks to a certain extent. "It should also be possible in the future to enjoy the Elbaue up close."

Fears of many residents that tourism could be jeopardized by the expulsion of the new NSG are not shared by the state administration and states that "existing harbors and cycle paths can be used and maintained in the same way as before. Permitted bathing and fire places should continue to be usable In addition, all existing official approvals and administrative acts remain unaffected by the prohibitions of the regulation. "

Farmers are among the sharpest critics of the previous draft for the new nature reserve. With this NSG draft, the Stendaler Kreisbauernverband sees the cultivation of areas no longer guaranteed and the existence of farms in this region threatened.

Farmers remain skeptical and wait to see what is presented

District farmers' association chairman Wolfgang März is still skeptical: "We have to wait and see what is presented to us. The way the draft looks so far, it is to be rejected. As I said: the new draft is not yet on the table. Perhaps it would be helpful if it did the state administration office could put into the internet what changes have been made so far. Our demand remains that the areas to be cultivated can continue to be cultivated in the same way as before. "

Be that as it may: The Landdesverwaltungsamt will once again involve those responsible for public affairs - the district farmers' association is one of them, says Denise Vopel. Clear text: There will be another opportunity to comment on the new draft nature reserve ordinance. The draft is also to be interpreted in the community of Arneburg-Goldbeck, as well as in Tangerhütte, Havelberg and Tangermünde.