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Foreclosures in Germany

Basically, a real estate foreclosure auction is an extremely democratic process. Anyone interested can take part in an auction without any problems. The chances of winning the bid are initially evenly distributed - and in addition to the size of the wallet, the bidding strategy and other factors that are in the hands of the individual are also important.

In addition, the low purchase price speaks in favor of participating in a property auction. In many cases, real estate changes hands for around two thirds of its actual value - or even less. There are also no brokerage fees that drive the total amount up by three to seven percent of the purchase price for a regular purchase. The surcharge fees, on the other hand, are much lower than the notary fees that are incurred for a conventional purchase.

Another advantage is the high level of transparency in a property foreclosure auction. Before the start of the auction, all liabilities and encumbrances on the property are openly named. This saves time-consuming in-house research and helps to better assess the risks involved in buying.

A lot of emphasis is placed on transparency even after the purchase. Potential buyers receive a comprehensive appraisal from an expert free of charge. This contains all the important information about the property - such as information on construction defects or need for renovation.