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5 tips on how to show your dog that you love him

This is how you show your dog that you love him

Dogs are incredibly social creatures. They watch their masters all day long and can interpret their body language, facial expressions and gestures. The four-legged friends show us in their own way in many ways that they like us, but we too can do that with the help of our body language. Here's how to let your dog know that you love him.

1. Make eye contact

Did you know that dogs like to look into the eyes of people they love for a long time? During eye contact, oxytocin, which is also known as the "cuddle hormone", is released. This hormone strengthens the bond and trust between owner and dog. But it is important to observe your four-legged friend closely, if he feels uncomfortable with eye contact, then you better leave it, eye contact should never be forced! The dog could also interpret this as a sign of oppression and feel intimidated.

2. Raise your eyebrows

How cute is that When dogs like someone, they raise their eyebrows, according to a study from Japan. Do that too, your dog will be happy!

3. Let the dog sleep with you in the bedroom

Dogs are happy when they are allowed to sleep near their owner at night. This is a great honor for the four-legged friends and they see it as a sign that their master or mistress loves them. Besides, it's so cozy when the dog basket is in our bedroom.

4. Don't pretend

Similar to human relationships, you should act naturally towards the dog; artificial behavior or tension gets on the nerves of the fur-noses. But if the dog feels that they are relaxing around him and that they are happy when they are by his side, he interprets this as a sign of affection.

5. Find closeness

When dogs are fond of someone, they often lean close to the person or seek their proximity. They only do that with people who love them. You can also do this the other way around, for example by leaning back slightly when the dog is lying on the sofa with you. Your dog appreciates extensive pats and physical contact gives him the feeling of familiarity. We should only avoid hugs, because dogs don't like them that much!