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You don't live to be 150 years old every day. That is why the Parsberg fire brigade would have celebrated its anniversary this year really big. It stays with the subjunctive, because the festival is canceled due to the corona.

Parsberg - The planned celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Parsberg Volunteer Fire Brigade will not take place this year. The club would have loved to celebrate its milestone birthday: A six-day festival program was planned, including a competition between the district fire brigades, a festival in a tent for 1,300 visitors, a classic car meeting, cabaret and live music. The members also wanted to set up a maypole. Instead, the chorus of our time sounds: "Unfortunately, this celebration will not take place due to the corona." After all, the advance payments that had already been made were fully refunded.

Nevertheless: the disappointment is great. But the understanding is even greater. “Celebrate with certainty” is therefore the motto. "We don't want to just let the anniversary slip by without celebrating at least a little internally," says Chairman Stefan Schindler. A memorial service has already been scheduled for this in the parish church of St. Laurentius in Parsberg on May 4th. In addition, the firefighters hope to be able to hold their general meeting; everything with caution, responsibility and taking into account the applicable measures - “with certainty”.

Parsberg: Corona stops the fire brigade's anniversary celebration

150 years - in such a long time there are many reasons that make it worth taking a look at the club's history. On October 22, 1871, some Parsbergers founded the Parsberg volunteer fire department under the guidance of chairman Johann Kirchenberger, farmer from Frauenried. The mayor swore the men to take an oath, and because a good fire brigade also needs proper equipment, two fire escapes and three fire hooks were purchased. The "most obedient community administration Parsberg" reported all this to the royal district office in Miesbach - and the foundation was perfect.

A year that the Parsberg firefighters fondly think back to is the year 1955. A new VW T1 bus was purchased: the portable pump vehicle is still the pride of the team today.

An entry dated September 28, 1984 shows the efforts the volunteers are willing to undertake. A landslide had occurred at the Brenten in Hausham, half of which had buried the Silbersee; there was a threat of a dam breaking. The team from Parsberg moved in and pumped: from Friday, 10.30 p.m. to Sunday, 3 p.m. - without interruption.

Parsberg fire brigade looks back on 150 years of existence

Of course, firefighters are always on the alert. They are ready to move out at any time. That demands a lot of spontaneity. A quality that is not limited to operations, as a look at the 100th anniversary of the fire brigade, which it celebrated on July 17th and 18th, 1971, shows. The celebrations got off to a good start. The guests came in large numbers, long-term members were honored, and there was a pageant. But then: "If the rain gets heavier, the pageant has to be shortened." But - as history shows - the Parsberg Volunteer Fire Brigade does not let the forces of nature spoil the mood. Despite the precipitation, the chronicle says: "It is a beautiful festival that one fondly thinks of."

Maybe the 150th anniversary will be made up for, maybe not. “That is of course difficult to predict at the moment,” says Schindler. But history proves: The Parsbergers know how to react spontaneously to new circumstances and to celebrate their festive days appropriately under difficult circumstances - also “with security”.

by Moritz Hackl

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