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Vanessa Steinkamp

Vanessa Steinkamp



Simone Steinkamp (mother),
Niclas Nadolny (father) Richard Steinkamp (step-father),
Jennifer Steinkamp (half-sister), Chiara Nadolny (half-sister) Maximilian von Altenburg (half-brother)
Friederike von Altenburg (grandmother),
Ludwig von Altenburg (grandfather),
Ben Steinkamp (stepbrother),
Marco Schöler (stepbrother), Nicolas Laffort (stepbrother
Letizia von Altenburg (niece),
Alexander Öztürk (nephew),
Sophia von Altenburg (niece),
Rüdiger Steinkamp (step-uncle),
Franziska Steinkamp (step-cousin),
Annabelle Steinkamp (niece),
Carmen Bauer (aunt),
Michelle Bauer (cousin),
Iva Lukowski (stepdaughter)

Constantin von Altenburg †, grand cousin Gerhard Steinkamp †, (step-grand cousin Julietta von Altenburg, great-grand cousin Damian Steinkamp (great-grand cousin)

The actor

Year (s)

2006-2009; 2010-2012; 2013; 2014-present

About the character

Dr. Vanessa Friederike Steinkamp (* September 28, 1990 recognized) is 16 years old at the beginning of the series and is the punk and rebel in the Steinkamp family. Vanessa, who likes to describe herself as the unloved, ugly second child, has always had the feeling that she has somehow ended up in the wrong family. And even if she loves her parents and her half-sister, she does not endure the constant intrigues and arguments. She plays sports on the ice as a passionate player on the Steinkamp ice hockey team.

She has a very good relationship with her stepfather Richard Steinkamp. She often does not feel understood by her mother Simone Steinkamp and her older sister Jennifer Steinkamp. From the beginning she is good friends with Ben Roschinski, who is in love with her. She is in love with Tim Herzog, however, to her regret, he doesn't feel the same way. Later there is a night together with Ben, but neither of them knew at the time that they were half-siblings, since Ben is Richard's illegitimate son. When they find out, they are both devastated.

Some time later Deniz Öztürk comes to Essen from Munich. He quickly turns out to be macho and contests her place on the ice hockey team. After a while, they both become friends. Vanessa falls in love with Deniz with whom she gets together. However, this happens when Deniz was still with Roman Wild. Vanessa thought that Roman was cleared up about her and Deniz's feelings and didn't think Deniz was playing a sneaky game with the two of them. Later the two make up again. However, it changed a lot after it became the trademark of the Steinkamp company and the mutual relationship began to falter. After an argument, Deniz even flees into Roman's arms and a passionate kiss ensues. Deniz begins by printing lots of lies and trying to please everyone, even taking coke. Vanessa then learns of all the lies through Roman and, disappointed, separates from Deniz.

When Vanessa learns that her parents want to drive the settlement residents out of their houses, she is determined to prevent this and turns against her family. While she can get Richard on her side, the lines between her and Simone remain hardened. Vanessa later falls unhappily in love with Oliver Sommer, who is with her best friend Juli von Altenburg and who eventually marries her. After Vanessa has attempted suicide, Simone realizes that she has to stand by her daughter. Vanessa is later sent by her grandmother Friederike von Altenburg to Boston, where she starts studying medicine.

On the occasion of Ben's wedding to Isabelle Reichenbach, Vanessa appears in Essen for a few days until she returns to Boston. However, she does not stay there long: When Jenny crashes in a plane in Russia and then remains missing, Vanessa returns and wants to help her family. The Steinkamps do everything possible to find Jenny, but are unsuccessful. Vanessa then decides to stay in Essen to keep the family together.

After a video will of Jenny emerges, which makes Vanessa Jenny's heiress, Vanessa joins the company. But she soon realizes that she was not made for it. Therefore, she hands over the management to her parents, but officially remains a partner so that Axel Steinkamp-Schwarz cannot challenge the inheritance. Vanessa spends her free time with Annette Bergmann and Tom Reichenbach. She falls in love with Tom, but he has one eye on Annette. The two decide to stay friends, but that doesn't always go well. Finally, Tom goes on a planned trip and says goodbye to Vanessa with a heavy heart.

When Isabelle and Maximilian von Altenburg bought the center at auction, Vanessa wanted to recapture it with her family. Although they are unsuccessful, Tom, who returns surprisingly, turns against his sister. When Tom discovers his feelings for Vanessa, she rejects him because she is afraid of disappointment. But he can prove his love for her. Vanessa forgets her doubts and meets Tom. When Vanessa was about to die because of her kidneys, Jenny gave her a kidney. After Simone suffers amnesia, Vanessa returns to Essen to help her mother. It turns out that Jenny and Maximilian Simone were hiding on the North Sea.

A year later, Vanessa returns to Essen to complete her practical year as a doctor. When Rafael wants to kidnap Letizia von Altenburg, Vanessa joins them and thus also falls into his clutches. She is locked up with Letizia for days and the two of them develop a very close bond. When he tries to escape from Rafael's hiding place, the two are caught by him. When a police detachment arrives to free Vanessa and Letizia, Rafael lets his anger run free. He shoots Letizia in front of Vanessa's eyes. When Vanessa tries to help her, Rafael takes her to another hiding place. With the help of Detective Inspector Erik Schulte, Vanessa can be freed, but she still suffers from the consequences of the days of kidnapping and Letizia's loss. Only after she visits the dungeon again with Erik's help can she close with everyone.

Some time later, her sister Erik marries. But this luck does not last long: Erik falls from the tower and dies in Jenny's arms after Vanessa tries to revive him. The grief of the Steinkamp family is deep. But it gets worse when the Steinkamps learn of the bus accident involving the Steinkamp dancers. While Iva Lukowski is being treated by Vanessa in the hospital, her father Christoph Lukowski is waiting in the corridor where he meets Vanessa. The two get along well from the start and are personable. Vanessa develops real feelings for him and even kisses him afterwards. The two find each other so sympathetic that they even start an affair. When Christoph's wife Sylvie Lukowski finds out about it and cuts her wrists, Vanessa feels guilty and ends the affair.

She goes back to Boston for a few days, meets Nick Danne there and starts a casual relationship with him. But Vanessa still can't forget Christoph. But Christoph doesn't just want to give up without a fight and wants to fight for Vanessa. When Iva takes drugs and Christoph finds out about them, he immediately wants to know where Iva got the coke from and sees Nick as the culprit. But when he tells the truth, Vanessa doesn't believe a word and Nick can get Iva to shut up. After some hesitation, Christoph, who is actually right, takes the shorter one. When Vanessa finds out that Christoph was right all along, she separates from Nick and tells Christoph the truth. When she wants to get involved in a relationship with Christoph, however, she asks him for some time to think it over. When Vanessa wants to fly to Boston, Christoph is devastated. He gets involved in a one-night stand with Tina Gouverneur and is caught by Vanessa, who is anything but happy. She cancels Christoph's advances and is so injured that she regrets giving up her job in Boston for Christoph.

However, Christoph does not want to give up Vanessa and wants to fight for her by all means. When Vanessa tries to avoid him again and again, she fails to do so. Since Christoph cleverly manages to be close to her, Vanessa cannot run away from her feelings for Christoph. When Christoph moves to New York, Vanessa is so injured that she has to think about Christoph all the time. When she makes a fatal mistake in the hospital, it is so exhausted that she makes a confession of love to Christoph on the mailbox. Christoph is so touched that he comes back to Germany to finally get together with Vanessa. When the two find each other, Isabelle provokes them because of the age difference. However, Christoph lets Isabelle run up.

After Christoph's old friend Anne Loewer appears in Essen, Vanessa reacts jealously to Anne and cannot turn her off. A short time later, Anne becomes Vanessa's mentor and Vanessa is overjoyed. Vanessa and Christoph get engaged. When Vanessa learns that Anne and Christoph had feelings for each other at the time, she wants them to sleep together, but changes her mind at the last second and is shocked when all the indications suggest that Christoph slept with Anne. But Anne can calm her down. A short time later, Vanessa learns that she is pregnant and looks forward to the child together with Christoph. But Christoph is arrested by the police a short time later. Vanessa tries everything to get Christoph out of prison and opens Jenny's eyes to Veit. She does not want to expect her sister that her child will grow up without a father and relieves Christoph. Vanessa can hug Christoph happily. Shortly afterwards, Vanessa and Christoph get married. You will find out during an ultrasound scan that it will be a boy. However, it is determined that your child has a heart defect and fears about the test result, which could result in the diagnosis as failed, and they give each other support.

When they find out that their child's heart defect can be operated on, they are overjoyed and look forward to their son. But the joy tarnishes, because one day Simone is kidnapped and Vanessa can hardly bear this. Christoph tries to give her a hold and lets Simone look for it. Kerber, Simone's kidnapper, demands a weapons deal in Russia from the Steinkamps if they ever want to see Simone again. Reluctantly, Richard agrees and decides to go through with it together with Ben. However, while the arms deal is in place, Richard is arrested at the border. Simone comes to the hospital and survives.

After all of this, Vanessa and Christoph want to spend a day together, but Vanessa's contractions suddenly set in and an emergency doctor seems unavailable. At the last second, the two manage to reach the hospital and Vanessa gives birth to her son Henry Lukowski healthy. Christoph and Vanessa are overjoyed to be able to hold their son in their arms. The joy, however, tarnishes, as Vanessa and Christoph are afraid for the boy's condition and that the heart defect could trigger death. But this is not their only concern, because Richard is still in prison in Russia and Vanessa and the family fear for his life.

2019 [edit | Edit source]

The St. Vinzenz Hospital has a head office that everyone assumes Vanessa Steinkamp she receives. To everyone's surprise, Dr. Bach Finn that he was proposed for the post, which he accepts after a moment's hesitation and after consulting Vanessa. Shortly afterwards, the hospital got a new private owner, and austerity measures were announced, against which all doctors want to defend themselves.

Quotes [edit | Edit source]

Maximilian: "Vanessa, where is the money, tell us!"
Vanessa: "And if not? Do you torture me then? You must have had that as an elective in Argentina!"

Vanessa: "Tell me, this bullshit didn't grow on your crap by chance?"
Simone: "Give me a chance and formulate the question in such a way that I understand it. Without your beloved swear words."
Vanessa: "Juli and Maximilian are in love and want to get married."
Simone: "Yes, it looks like it."
Vanessa: "And it is not by chance one of your beloved intrigues that deals with money, power and world domination?"
Simone: "You watch too many films."
Vanessa: "No, I'm a Steinkamp and I also live here under this roof. That's enough."

Maximilian: "Juli is just in the hospital with her father."
Vanessa: "Or she ran away with Oliver. Oh, which would be crap for world domination."

Vanessa: "Rafael is dead. Who is going to get the champagne?"
Simone: "So Vanessa!"
Jenny: "Well, I'm not particularly sad about his death either."
Simone: "We can't pop the corks because of the death of a person!"
Vanessa: "If he had been human."

Vanessa: "Would you really come with me?"
Tom: "Sure! There are many good universities in Boston and so many subjects that I haven't dropped out yet!"

Vanessa talks to Ben about Maximillian.
Vanessa: "Then he would definitely have to resign as managing director, because coke and wellness don't go together so well ...!"

Vanessa (to Maximillian after Isabelle's move out of the villa): "And there were only 2! Do you know the trip to Jerusalem? The villa is like the last chair ... and as a child I was unbeatable in this game!"

Vanessa (to Iva and Christoph via Ben): "I keep saying it, my brother, even more luck than Muckis."

Connections [edit | Edit source]

  • Friederike von Altenburg, grandmother
  • Ludwig von Altenburg, grandfather
    • Simone Steinkamp's mother
    • Niclas Nadolny, father
    • Carmen Öztürk, aunt
    • Richard Steinkamp, ​​stepfather

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