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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get and Use Palamute Scrolls

The buddies in Monster Hunter Rise, Palico and Palamute, can equip some handy items, including various palamute scrolls that can be used while hunting.

Monster Hunter Rise was incredibly well received in the first week of its release, with positive reviews from critics and gamers alike. Sales are also very good: Monster Hunter Rise has sold over five million copies in just over a week since it was released on March 26th.

That said, both veterans and newer players are still busy trying to fully grasp some of the new elements added with Monster Hunter Rise, such as the new palamute companion. Like Palicos, Palamutes in Monster Hunter Rise can be equipped with their own unique equipment sets, as well as with additional equipment, the so-called scrolls, which grant various buffs during quests and monster hunts.

How do you unlock Palamute Scrolls?

In order to be able to equip palamute scrolls for the buddy, you first have to unlock the palamute scrolls. However, the unlocking of the scrolls is not necessarily obvious at first glance. To unlock them, you have to complete quests from a specific NPC in the village of Kamura, with more scrolls unlocking as you progress in the main story. Similar to the side quest "Cultural exchange“By Rondine, the scrolls can be unlocked through side quests provided by Canyne Master Inukai.

Canyne Master Inukai is one of the various NPCs that can be found in Kamura Village and with whom hunters can chat between hunts. It's to the left of Hinoa, the village's quest girl. As one progresses through the various Hunter ranks by completing village quests, Canyne Master Inukai will provide more and more quests to complete in order to obtain the various types of Palamute Scrolls. Additional Palamute Scrolls may also occasionally be purchased from Rondine on Argosy in the Rare Finds section of her shop.

How do you equip Palamute Scrolls?

After acquiring or earning a few scrolls, one must attach them to the palamute in order to take advantage of the hunting benefits. Much like equipping the hunter with various sets of armor, the Palamutes and Palicos have their own equipment screen that can be accessed via the nearby Buddy Board. The buddy boards are located next to Hinoa or in Buddy Plaza, and Palamute Gear Change is the third menu option to choose from.

This menu does not show the current palamute equipment, but the three equipment slots with which a palamute is equipped. You have to choose the piece of equipment that you want to exchange for a Palamute Scroll. The equipment slot of a palamute cannot be deselected, so you have to exchange the double blades or the steel tooth for a palamute scroll.

Since each piece of equipment has its own set of advantages, you should find the right balance that suits you. For example, the Scroll of Healing can help Palamutes stay healthy longer, while the Scroll of Distraction helps the Palamute attract monsters.