How to remove yamaha 950 vstar battery

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    Hello everyone,

    how do I charge the battery without removing it?
    How do I get their plus / minus poles?

    Thank you H.

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    Don't you have a driver's manual?

    That stuff is under the saddle
    This plastic bowl is somehow still screwed on, if I remember correctly ...

    Yes, a permanent charger is worth gold .... my mech leads out a cable / plug for each of its customers where it knows they have one


    Physics is only dry when the tank is empty

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    it's very easy:
    1.) Remove the seat,
    2.) Remove the tool and plastic tray, which is secured with a screw and a plastic plug, at the front of the tank,
    3.) Push the thin plastic tube covers back a little, then the battery poles are freely accessible
    Many greetings from Cap d'Ail!

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    But I would recommend you to disconnect the battery from the connection cables, this laziness cost me the starter relay for my Suzi several years ago.

    Greetings Andreas

    CB 1100 EX black
    When all 16 screws are tightened again, it turns out that the rubber seal has been forgotten.

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    don't depend on anything, a long-term charger and it's good ..... the better ones still care for the bacteria ...!


    Physics is only dry when the tank is empty

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    With the support chargers (available from many providers such as CTEK etc.) you don't have to depend on anything. Simply connect directly to the battery and wait

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    Simply the Honda, if the weather permits,
    extend all year round. Also like a little longer.
    She best takes care of her battery.

    Wisedrum, who is on his current motorcycles
    has never recharged power from the socket
    nor intends to do that as long as he is one
    Is a motorcyclist in the truest sense of the word.

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    Yup ... Maintain the baketerie in a natural way, I say it by the time and also just grease the bearings again ...... as long as e.g. there is no salt in the air in winter .. drive regularly and safely for about 1 hour at a time without putting the box down .....


    Physics is only dry when the tank is empty

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    I can only agree:

    my EX has the first battery and has never seen an outlet.

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    my longtime didn't tolerate being left behind only by the bacteria for a few days, but not from the network ... so something new,
    I had attached the part to the smartchen last night where you can rel. good for bacteria, that's why I have the clamping pliers on and not the connector



    Physics is only dry when the tank is empty

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