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Worf, Son of Mogh, is a Klingon and Starfleet officer. On the USS Enterprise-D he serves as the successor to Natasha Yar as a security officer. After the destruction of the Deep Space 9, he serves on the space station Enterprise as an officer in strategic operations. On Deep Space 9, Worf falls in love with Jadzia Dax and intends to start a family with her. However, Jadzia is killed by the Cardassian GulDukat during the Dominion War. After the end of the Dominion War, he becomes the Federation Ambassador to Qo'noS.

Biography Edit source]

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Worf was born in 2340 as the son of Mogh on Qo'noS, but shortly afterwards he moved to Khitomer with his father. When the colony is attacked by Romulans in 2346, Worf is one of only two survivors of the Khitomer massacre.

He had a targ as a pet as a child. (TNG:The traveler)

He is after the massacre of Sergey Rozhenko, a Starfleet sergeant from the USS Intrepid rescued and raised by him and his wife Helena, both human. The couple takes Worf to his house on Gault and raises him like their own child.

He later moved to Russia with his new family. (TNG:Family meeting; DS9:The face in the sand)

During a soccer game in 2353, one of his opponents died in a collision caused by Worf out of high spirits. His name was Michael. For fear of losing control again, from then on he exercises restraint so as not to accidentally injure anyone. Over time, that attitude became a part of him. (DS9:The trip to Risa)

Worf's stepbrother Nikolai later goes with him to the Starfleet Academy, but breaks off his training and returns to Gault. (TNG:Worf's brothers, The supreme directive)

Worf has a younger Klingon brother named Kurn, about whom he knows nothing for a long time, as Kurn stayed with a friendly family when he was a one-year-old when visiting the Khitomer outpost and was adopted as a son by the head of this family, Lorgh, after the outpost was destroyed. Kurn did not reveal himself to Worf until he was transferred to the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as an exchange officer in 2366. Shortly before, her father Mogh had been convicted as a traitor to the Klingon Empire for having given the Romulans the security code for the Khitomer outpost shortly before it was destroyed. As the eldest son, according to Klingon law, Worf has the duty to refute the allegations against his father and thus restore the family's honor. Kurn convinces Worf to face charges against her father. Thanks to the help of the crew of the Enterprise, another survivor of the Khitomer massacre is found, namely Worf's wet nurse Kahlest. This exonerates Worf's father Mogh, but exposes Dura's father Ja'rod as a traitor. However, the House of Duras is a member of the high council and is extremely powerful. Therefore, the exposure of this betrayal would lead to the dissolution of the high council and lead the Klingon Empire into civil war. To protect the empire, the high chancellor K'mpec, Duras, Worf and Picard keep the truth a secret. Worf endures the dishonor of his family, which amounts to an admission of guilt for his father, on the condition that the true identity of his brother Kurn also remains a secret and that he can continue his life as the son of Lorgh. As the older brother, Worf runs the house of Mogh after the death of her father and so Kurn has to obey his orders. (TNG:The Battle for the Klingon Empire, Part I., The sins of the father, DS9:The sons of Mogh)

In 2365 he meets his childhood sweetheart K'Ehleyr, who is supposed to help the Enterprise intercept a Klingon sleeper ship from the 23rd century. They fall in love again and spend a night of love together, whereupon Worf takes the Klingon oath and wants to make her his mate. However, she rejects this because she does not want to take such a step solely on the basis of Klingon traditions. After the sleeper ship has been brought back to Klingon room, she leaves Worf and the Enterprise again. (TNG:Klingon encounter)

Their son Alexander emerges from the night of love between Worf and K'Ehleyr. At first, he grows up with his mother without Worf even knowing that he has become a father. It was not until 2367 that K'Ehleyr came aboard the Enterprise with Alexander to prepare Picard for his role as supervisor of the successor rite and to advise during the successor rite. When Worf sees Alexander, it is immediately clear to him that Alexander is his son. Worf and K'Ehleyr finally admit their mutual love. Because of his dishonor, Worf is still not ready to make K'Ehleyr his mate and accept Alexander as his son. When K'Ehleyr finds out that it was not Mogh but Dura's father Ja'rod who committed the betrayal and is partly responsible for the destruction of the Khitomer outpost, Duras kills K'Ehleyr to protect his secret and to maintain his claim to the successor of K'mpec to be able to assert. K'Ehleyr dies in Worf's arms and under the eyes of Alexander. She also reveals to Worf that Duras killed her. Thereupon Worf demands the right to revenge from Duras and kills Duras in the ensuing duel. He thus posthumously takes K'Ehleyr as his mate. He now officially accepts his son Alexander. After K'Ehleyr's death, K'Ehleyr initially grew up with Worf's adoptive parents for a while, but later moved in with Worf Enterprise. (TNG:Deadly Succession, The Soliton Wave)

In 2366, Lieutenant Marla Aster died on a mission led by Worf, leaving her son Jeremy Aster an orphan. As head of the away team, Worf feels responsible, even though the death was the tragic result of an accident, and therefore performs the R'uustai with Jeremy to honor the memory of his mother. Jeremy and Worf become brothers through the R'uustai. (TNG:Motherly love)

Later he did on the Enterprise a brief relationship with Deanna Troi. However, a few years later he married Jadzia Dax on Deep Space 9. Shortly before, he was accepted into Martok's house. (DS9:Martok's honor)

Career Edit source]

Worf is the first Klingon to serve in Starfleet. After the death of Natasha Yar in 2364, he was aboard the Enterprise promoted to chief of security and tactical bridge officer with the rank of lieutenant junior grade and remains in the post until the ship is destroyed in 2371 after he has been promoted to lieutenant commander. Worf is permitted to wear a Klingon shoulder strap over his Starfleet uniform. (TNG:The black soul, Encounter with the past; Star Trek: Generations Meet)

In 2367, as part of the succession to K'mpec, Worf received a reprimand in his file for murdering Duras in accordance with Klingon law, but from the perspective of the Federation. Worf committed this act in order to get revenge on Duras for the death of his companion and mother of his son AlexanderK'Ehleyr.

After the destruction of the Enterprise he wrestles with the decision to give up his officer license. However, Captain Sisko requests him to help him with problems with the Klingon force near Deep Space Nine. In the course of this crisis, Worf decides to continue his career on board the Deep Space 9 station. He changes to the command level and becomes an expert in Klingon matters. (DS9:The Warrior's Way, Part II)

There he also takes over command of the USS Defiant from time to time. (DS9:The battle, The face in the sand, Star Trek: First Contact)

During the Dominion War, during the loss of Deep Space 9, he served temporarily as first officer under General Martok. (DS9:To the weapons!) At the end of the Dominion War, he is sent to Qo'noS as a Federation Ambassador. (DS9:What You Leave Behind, Part II)

In 2379, however, he returned to Starfleet on the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E). (Star Trek: Nemesis)

Alternative timelines Edit source]

In a trip to a future, Picard asks for a way to get into the Devron system. However, as governor of a remote colony, Worf, who is no longer a member of the high council, does not have the leeway to allow this. (TNG:Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Part I.)

Chronology [edit | Edit source]

  • 2340: Birth on Qo'noS.
  • 2345: His brother Kurn is born. He travels to Khitomer with his parents.
  • 2346: Brought to earth by Sergey Rozhenko after the Khitomer massacre.
  • 2353: He goes to the Gault colony. There he becomes the captain of his soccer team.
  • 2355: Travels to Qo'noS, where Kahless appears to him in a vision.
  • 2357: Enter Starfleet Academy.
  • 2361: Complete the Academy and go down in history as the first Klingon in Starfleet.
  • 2364: Serves aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) as a bridge officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • 2365: Encounters Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr, half human and half Klingon.
  • 2366: Promoted to lieutenant. Endure the dishonor of his family in order to protect the Klingon Empire
  • 2367: Meets his son Alexander Rozhenko, avenges his mother K'Ehleyr by killing Duras, son of Ja'rod, thereby supporting Gowron as chancellor. Receives reprimand on his service record for the murder of Duras.
  • 2371: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Relationship with Deanna Troi. Look for the destruction of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) the Boreth Caves for meditation.
  • 2372: Transfer to Deep Space 9 as a strategic operations officer. The house of Mogh loses all of its possessions and privileges. Brother Kurn comes to Deep Space 9 and demands ritual killing by Worf (Mauk-to'Vor), but is refused. Kurn is hidden with friends. - The Klingon Empire uses fictitious evidence to apply for Worf's extradition in order to discredit Starfleet. Sisko can expose this. (DS9: The Battle)

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