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Decision cake


Various aspects are collected or specified and numbered for a content field. The participants weight these aspects by choosing their Think-important- Divide a circle into pieces of cake (circle segments) and provide them with the appropriate code numbers. The individual pieces are cut out, sorted by topic and glued to new cakes on flipchart or poster.


The opinions and interests of the entire group can thus be clearly expressed. In contrast to the presentation of opinions about scoring, it also becomes clear here how intensely individual participants thought about one or the other point. (This becomes clear, for example, when a participant assigns their entire cake to a topic.) The procedure is also suitable for planning or evaluation. The participants weight their content priorities for the next training sequence or their criticism of a previous one.

Instead of a circle, the participants can also be given an adhesive strip exactly 100 cm long. This can be divided into any parts by the participants. These partial strips are then glued under the desired topics. If the partial strips are glued together under a certain topic, a continuous strip is created again, the length of which can be used to measure the intensity of the focus on this topic.


Flipchart or posters, pens, prepared paper circles, cake tips or adhesive strips, scissors, possibly glue