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How many MB of data does WhatsApp consume?

I'm sure you use the WhatsApp messenger a lot, just like me. But do you actually know about the data consumption of WhatsApp? How many MB of data are used when sending text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos? And what about the data consumption for WhatsApp voice calls and video calls. In this post, I resolve the numerous myths and conspiracy theories surrounding WhatsApp data consumption and tell you how much data WhatsApp really uses.

Data consumption with WhatsApp: How many megabytes of data does WhatsApp use?

WhatsApp text messages are harmless to data consumption

Suppose you only send text messages via WhatsApp - then I can calm you down right here. A WhatsApp text message with 200 characters consumes around 1 kilobyte. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you use emoticons or not. These are not transmitted as images and therefore do not consume any more data volume.

So if we assume that you have a mobile phone tariff with 1 GB of data volume, then you could send around a million WhatsApp text messages with 200 characters per month - only then would your data volume be exhausted solely through WhatsApp. That's pretty unlikely, isn't it ?!

Thanks to good compression, photos and images consume very little data volume

WhatsApp compresses every photo that you send in advance directly on your device. This means that an image is not transmitted in its original size - that would also be very data-intensive in view of image sizes of 3 or 4 MB.

Instead, the image is converted to JPEG format and heavily compressed. There is a slight loss of quality, but the image only weighs afterwards around 60 to 90 KB.

Thus, with a 1 GB Internet Flat rate, you could send around 17,000 images a month until your data volume was used up solely by WhatsApp.

Be careful with videos, phone calls, and video calls

Sending videos via WhatsApp consumes significantly more data. There is a Limit of 16 MB - As soon as you try to send a larger video via WhatsApp, the transmission will be canceled. Then you have to shorten the video a bit.

Still, 16 MB compared to 80 or 90 KB is of course a significant difference. With a 1 GB Internet Flat rate, you could send around 60 videos with 16 MB before your data volume is completely used up. If the videos are shorter, the number is of course higher.

Even with WhatsApp phone calls, voice messages and video calls, you should be better off using a WLAN, because these functions place a heavy load on your mobile data volume. In the case of telephone calls and voice messages, you can roughly expect that 1 minute around 1 MB of data consumed. The video telephony beats well 5 MB per minute to book.

Overview: This is how much data volume WhatsApp uses

Here is an overview of all the features and the associated data consumption for WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp text messages: Data consumption of around 1 KB per message
  • Pictures & photos: Data consumption of 60 to 90 KB per photo
  • Videos: Data consumption of a maximum of 16 MB - depending on the length of the video
  • Voice messages & VoIP calls: Data consumption of around 1 MB per minute
  • WhatsApp video calling: Data consumption of around 5 MB per minute

How much data volume do I need in my cell phone tariff to be able to use WhatsApp properly?

It all depends on what you mean by sensible use. If you only occasionally send a few text messages and pictures, then you are well advised with a comparatively low data volume of 300 MB or 500 MB.

If you also want to send a video over the mobile network or you send a lot of pictures and text messages via WhatsApp every day, then you should plan on 1 GB.

And if you surf the Internet a lot, do video calls, receive large amounts of data by email, then a mobile phone tariff with a lot of data is recommended - for example 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB or even more.

If you want to find out more about this, take a look at the article "How much data volume do I need?".

Conclusion: WhatsApp is economical with text messages - better use WiFi for multimedia

The conclusion: WhatsApp is actually quite economical in terms of data consumption - especially if you only send text messages. Then with a normal cell phone tariff it hardly matters whether you send messages over the mobile Internet or the WLAN. Even if you occasionally use a photo via the mobile network, this is usually not a problem. Thanks to the good compression of WhatsApp images, no endless data is transferred here either. The maximum size of images is around 90 KB.

When sending videos and voice messages as well as video telephony and WhatsApp VoIP telephony, however, you should better be logged into the WLAN, because large amounts of data can quickly come together here. One hour of video telephony, for example, costs up to 300 MB of data. Smaller internet flats are used up quickly.

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