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Killing in the Name (German translation)

Sorry, but that is not translated correctly. For example, "Some of those that work forces" means "Some of those that wield power" and has nothing to do with troops, soldiers or the military. This is about power in the sense of the power transferred by the state. Police officers.

"Those who died are justified," does not directly refer to "for wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites", but is to be seen as two separate statements. "Those who died are justified," means "Those who died are justified". That relates to the victims. "For wearing the badge, they're the chosen whites" means "By wearing the badge, you are the chosen whites." It's about the police officers (hence the brand) who justify killings and murders by stating that the brand makes them part of the chosen race.

I don't find that clear in a "word for word" translation. It should be translated something like this: "The murdered (killed) are justified by those who act by wearing the brand for the chosen whites." Unfortunately, English is often somewhat limited and song texts can only be interpreted or translated correctly with knowledge of the context due to their abstract nature. I hope I could help a bit.