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Tips of the day : Previous vaccination? That's how it's done!

First option

For relatives who care for people at home without outside help, there is now a procedure for registering for corona vaccination protection. The Senate Department for Health announced that in future a maximum of two close contact persons per care case will be able to contact the Berlin care support points by email.

From there, the data would then be passed on for an invitation with a vaccination code. The vaccination offer applies to close contacts of people in need of care over the age of 70 as well as children and adolescents who are cared for at home without care service.

The previous registration process took into account relatives of people in need of care who are also cared for by outpatient care services. 130,000 vaccination codes have currently been distributed via these services to be passed on to close contact persons of those in need of care. The e-mail addresses of the Berlin care support points can be found at the Internet address www.pflegestuetzpunkteberlin.de.

Second option

People who have received a vaccination code can book the vaccination appointment online, which is the quickest way. If you make the effort to book the appointment by phone, you may spend 26 minutes on hold. Many callers may be exasperated, which is stressful for the staff. There have been reports like this.

But with a caller who was very friendly and was happy that it was finally his turn after a long time, the woman on the other end said he should wait a moment, she would take the trouble to see if it wasn't an earlier appointment give as the one she mentioned first. And sure enough, there was one - two weeks earlier. Someone had postponed or canceled their appointment.

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It is pure coincidence whether you are calling at a time when an earlier appointment has become available. It may not be a coincidence that the woman is more willing to take the trouble because the caller is friendly.

A rogue who calls again two days later, holds the queue and asks very friendly if an even earlier appointment is possible. The woman looks again. “Unfortunately not at the moment,” she says, very relaxed.

One should perhaps not pursue this concept too often. If too many people do this too often, the overloaded hotline will collapse for good. But give it a try?

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