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Victoria of Sweden: will she be Queen now?

The people look forward to the heir to the throne

Victoria of Sweden could soon be on the throne.

Allegedly, her father wants to abdicate King Carl Gustaf.

The people love the Crown Princess and are looking forward to her reign.

Many can no longer wait for Victoria to be crowned Queen of Sweden, 43. This could actually happen earlier than expected, because her father King Carl Gustaf, 74, has probably made a momentous decision.

Victoria of Sweden: King Carl Gustaf wants to abdicate

Victoria of Sweden's father, King Carl Gustaf, can now look back on 48 years in the service of the Crown. The Swedish monarch has had to overcome many crises so far and laid important milestones. But now he seems to want to declare his work over. According to the “Neue Post” from court circles, the king should like to spend more time with his wife as he gets older. So far, however, Sweden has been king for life, but it is currently being discussed whether this is still appropriate. As in the Netherlands or Spain, there could now be the possibility that King Carl Gustaf would pass the scepter on to his daughter beforehand. There are already rumors from the royal circles that her father is supposed to be in the near future wants to withdraw from his royal duties.

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Victoria of Sweden: Great anticipation for her reign

The reason for the change in the royal family could be the king's 75th birthday. If there were actually a change of power, one can be sure of the enthusiasm in the people. Many have long been looking forward to Queen Victoria. Queen Silvia also raves about her daughter in the role of monarch:

She becomes a very good queen. She is attentive, interested, and worried. That is the most important thing, that you care, that you try to help.

Whenever King Carl Gustaf finally abdicates, Victoria of Sweden already has an enthusiastic crowd behind her!

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