6. Avoid Heartbreak How To Play Foil

Slide show settings

Specifies settings for the slide show. This includes the start slide, slide change, presentation type and pointer options.

Select in the menu Slide Show - Slide Show Settings ...


Specifies which slides should be included in the slide show.

All slides

Includes all slides in the slide show.

From slide

Enter the number of the starting slide.

Individual slide show

Plays a custom slide show in the order you set in Slide Show - Custom Slide Show.


Choose a slide show type.


A slide show is shown in full screen mode.


The slide show takes place in the LibreOffice program window.


Restarts the slide show after a pause that you specify. A pause slide is inserted between the last and the first slide. Press Esc to stop the slide show.

Pause duration

Enter the length of time to pause before repeating the slide show. If you enter zero, the slide show will restart immediately without the pause slide.

Show logo

Displays the LibreOffice logo during the pause. The logo cannot be replaced by another.


Manual foil change

If this check box is activated, the foil change does not take place automatically.

Mouse pointer visible

Makes the mouse pointer visible during the slide show.

Mouse pointer as a pen

Turns the pointer into a pen that you can use to draw on the slides during the slide show.

What you write with the pen will be lost when you exit the slide show. The pen color cannot be changed.

Navigator visible

Displays the navigator during the slide show.

Allow animations

Plays animations during the slide show. If this option is not activated, only the first frame of an animation is displayed.

Slide change when clicking on background

Advances to the next slide when you click the background of a slide.

Slide show always in the foreground

The LibreOffice window remains in the foreground during the presentation. No other program window can be placed in front of the presentation.

Multiple screens

By default, the primary screen is used in full screen mode. If the current workspace is displayed on more than one screen, you can choose which screen is used for the full screen mode of the presentation. If the current workspace is only on one screen, or if the multi-monitor function is not supported on the current system, you cannot select another screen.

Presentation screen

Select a screen to view the presentation in full screen mode.

If the system allows you to expand a window over all available monitors, you can also select "All Monitors". In this case, the presentation extends across all available monitors.

This setting is saved in the user configuration and not within the document.