When do prickly stick insects lay eggs

Stick insects

For a while I kept stick insects (the green Phasmidea) and the walking leaves (Phyllium giganteum, the really big ones).

You should have a large terrarium, otherwise they will accidentally eat each other.

If you get stick insects, you should remember that it is difficult to get rid of these animals and that you can always find free-roaming animals. But that's not bad. The little ones are just cute when they move.

At first I had 5-6. then suddenly it was already a good 10. But at 20 the fun stopped and I had sold them all and drove 400km to Cologne myself.
When I got home, it took less than 3 weeks and I found a little breakaway again. Then I bought 3 "Walking Leaves" - super interesting animals. Visitors in particular were always looking for you. :-D
However, I did not succeed in propagating the Phillium giganteum with the eggs laid from the young generation. Theoretically, they don't need males to reproduce, but after a certain number of regeneration through virgin generation, a man has to work. : grin:
In any case, the three Walking Leaves and one stick insect were in the terrarium.

In addition, the maintenance of the animals is very inexpensive:
No electricity, free blackberry leaves and loads of fun. However, the terrarium WxHxD 50x50x40cm was a bit too small.

However, the stick insect also produced offspring again. Which I then gave away (Quoka). They didn't want them for free and had put 2 euros on my table for the 5 animals.
Then I threw an allegedly dead stick insect in the garbage can, which then recovered splendidly and I had another one that I immediately gave away. : grin:
Since then I've been rid of them.
The "leaves" also don't live "all too long". Instead, they are much more interesting when they start to move. You think that it is starting to get windy in the terrarium.
When my children are a little older, I will go and get the Walking Pages again.

Wave wave ...a: