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Increase your chances of looking for an apartment | What is a letter of motivation?

Anyone applying for an apartment should enclose a letter of motivation with the usual documents in order to increase the chances of getting a rental agreement. But what exactly is it?

"A letter of motivation gives the apartment application a personal touch, which makes it easier for the landlord to find the right tenant among numerous applicants," explains Wiebke Werner (43), deputy managing director of the Berlin tenants' association.

“With a personal cover letter, you can state the motivation for the application as well as the information relevant to the landlord, i.e. information on the profession and salary and the people who want to move into the apartment. Topics such as religion, sexual orientation, the desire to have children, pregnancy or party and association membership are taboo and have no place in such a cover letter.

The landlord is not entitled to such a letter of motivation, but conversely it can also be of benefit to the tenant, ”says the expert.