Esaki tissue paper - how to cover planes

Unity: New life in the spirit

The goal
This topic can also be treated separately, although it fits in nicely with the new life series. We have combined our birthday celebration (one year Messy Church!) With the celebration of Pentecost, the birthday of the church.

Biblical Background (Acts 2: 1–13)
What the disciples felt when the Holy Spirit filled them they could only describe in images of fire and wind. In addition there was speaking in different languages ​​and the beginning of the congregation - which is why the event of Pentecost is also considered the birthday of the church. We see here how Jesus comes again through his Spirit in authority, as he had promised, and removes the old obstacles between man and God that were erected by the tower of Babel. He turns the cozy circle of disciples into a missionary community that changes the world. He gives them confidence, courage and the power to proclaim the message of his kingdom by word and sign, just as he himself did. We focus on using the symbols of wind and fire to better understand the Holy Spirit. They help us understand something of the invisible power with which God is changing the world. The aspect of celebration is also very much represented - we are delighted that we can receive the same spirit so many years later. We want to make it clear that the Church celebrates this with a feast day. And we want to show that the image of a great festival is often used when trying to describe what God's kingdom looks like. If you want to take up the topic of birthday, consider giving a small gift to everyone, including adults. You can find books for children in your Christian bookstore. For the adults you can get a tealight glass and a scented candle or choose a notebook or a bar of soap and a suitable Bible verse for each. A balloon, a party cracker (for the older ones) and the cake that you decorated yourself (see below) make a nice gift bag.

1st birthday cake

Station description:
Mix the icing from 150g powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Cover the muffins with it, sprinkle with chocolate or sugar sprinkles or other decorations. Put a candle holder with a birthday candle in each muffin.
Conversation impulses:
Discuss that Pentecost was the day the Church celebrates its birthday because the disciples received the Holy Ghost from Jesus on Pentecost.


  • finished cakes
  • frosting
    • 150g powdered sugar
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • Back decoration
  • Candlesticks and birthday candles

2. Candlesticks

Station description:
Wrap the lids with tissue paper if necessary. Cut cubes out of the paste and glue on the lids. Put a small candle in the mass. Then decorate the cube with artificial flowers and ribbons.
NB: Indicates the risk of fire and make sure that the decorations are not too high and do not catch fire
can, especially if you use birthday cake candles, which funnily enough re-ignite after being blown out.
Conversation impulses:
Talk about the disciples seeing something like flames of fire above their heads as a sign that God's Spirit was on them.


  • Plug-in mass
  • clean plastic lids (e.g. from cream cheese cups)
  • Tissue paper
  • duct tape
  • thin candles
  • artificial flowers
  • colorful ribbons

3. Wind turbines

Station description:
Make a kind of funnel out of cellophane or tissue paper. Reinforce both ends with pipe cleaner wire; one with a whole pipe cleaner, the other with half a pipe. Glue strips of tissue paper to the narrower end as pennants. Fasten three threads to the wide end with which you can hang the windsock on a tree or post.
Conversation impulses:
Talk about how you can't see the wind but know it's there because you see it move trees, grass, hats and ... windsocks!


  • Cellophane or tissue paper
  • Craft glue
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Tissue paper in
  • thread

4. Bubble painting

Station description:
Blow paint onto the paper using the straws.
Conversation impulses:
Discuss that our breath is like the wind and that God's Spirit is like his breath.


  • Straws
  • Paper tablecloth from the roll
  • Poster color

5. Calligraphy

Station description:
Encourage participants to write their own name with a quill pen and decorate the first few letters with a picture or pattern that tells something about them and their interests.
Conversation impulses:
Talk about how monks hand-copied the Bible in the Middle Ages, making each page as beautiful as they could.


  • good writing paper
  • Nibs
  • Ink of different colors (also

6. Decorative kites for children

Station description:
Cut out kites from the cardboard, draw cross struts, stick smileys or other stickers and attach a thread to the lower tip, into which loops made of tissue paper are tied. Use the dragons that are not taken home as decorations for the next proposal, “colorful languages”.
Conversation impulses:
Talk about how interesting a windy day can be and how nice it is to fly a kite.


  • light cardboard
  • Decoration material
  • thread
  • Tissue paper in strips

7. Colorful languages

Station description:
In different languages, write «Praise God» in outlines in large letters on the A4 sheets of paper. Other participants can color in the letters or decorate them with stickers. Then stick all the lettering on a large piece of paper and decorate it all around with decorative children's kites (see previous page).
Conversation impulses:
Discuss how people from different countries can praise God in different ways. Think of missionaries you know. How would people in their countries say "Praise God"?


  • A4 sheets
  • Writing and painting utensils
  • colorful stickers
  • Paper from the
  • Craft glue

8. Paper airplanes

Station description:
Fold the paper lengthways in the middle and then unfold it again. Fold the top two corners of the short side down so that they meet in the middle. Now fold the upper triangle down at its lower edge so that the tip is on the middle fold, leaving a gap of about 2 cm under the triangle. Fold the two upper corners down again so that they meet in the middle. Fold the protruding little point up so that it covers the two corners on the center line. Now fold the plane down in the middle. The little point is on the outside. Now fold the «wings» on both sides in an oblique line to the edge with the point.
Conversation impulses:
Talk about the fact that in Jesus' day there were no airplanes and not much paper either!


Preparation: Decorate the prayer room with balloons and flags to let the celebration go on. It would be good if the decorations, in keeping with the fire theme, were all in red. If you show PowerPoint photos, the projector starts up as soon as people walk in. Make sure everyone has a paper plane when they come in, and have a few planes ready for those who don't. Give everyone a pen.

Suggested songs:

  • A stone falls into the water
  • A light comes on us
  • Lord, the light of your love shines
  • Lord, set our hearts free
  • Yes, today we celebrate


  • red balloons and flags
  • Paper planes
  • pencils
  • (possibly) PowerPoint with
    Photos of the various creative offers, samples from each creative station

Biblical history and interpretation
If this is the first birthday of your Ü-Church, say: “What did we do today? Different things to do with a birthday - because today is our church's first birthday. Some things also dealt with the subject of wind. With others about flames of fire. And some of them were about praising God in other languages. ”Explain to those present that all of these things relate to another birthday that we are celebrating today - the church's birthday, also known as Pentecost. This is the day God made a wonderful birthday present - the gift of his Spirit. If you're not celebrating the first birthday of your Kunterbunt church, just explain how all creative offers have something to do with the birthday of the church. On the day the church came into being, Jesus' disciples were together, waiting for the gift that Jesus had promised them. Suddenly they heard a noise like a strong wind that filled the house. (Mimic the sound!) Then they saw something like flames of fire that parted and settled on each of them without anyone being burned. (Form something like a “flame” with your hands over the person next to you.) The Spirit of God had come and filled each one of them, all women and men and children. They all started celebrating and praising God, but in a very amazing way. The Spirit enabled them to do something they had never done before - they praised God in many different languages ​​that they had never learned before. God still gives his spirit to everyone who believes in Jesus so that we can praise God and do things for him that we could never do on our own. We want to praise God and celebrate the birthday of the community / church Kunterbunt - and the gift of his Holy Spirit.

Common prayer
Everyone writes a prayer on their paper airplane. Count to three. Then everyone throws their plane into the air. Everyone catches the plane that lands closest to him. Count to three again and then have everyone read the prayer on their plane at the same time.
Closing prayer Lord, we thank you that through your Holy Spirit you are with your children throughout the world and through all time. Help us live as one family and love one another through thick and thin. Amen.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (stretching out your hands as if wanting a gift
received) and the love of God (lays hands on heart) and the community of
Holy Spirit (hold your neighbors by the hands) be with us all, now and for all
Time. Amen! (Raises hands together at the word "Amen".)

Spaghetti with Bolognese, grated cheese and peas:
Spread the sauce, peas and grated cheese in bowls on the tables. Scoop the noodles onto plates in the kitchen and bring them to their places. If you want to serve sauce, peas and pasta from the kitchen ready-to-serve, it will take hours.

  • Author: Kunterbunt Church
  • © EJW - Protestant youth organization in Württemberg