How To Make Sugar Beet Crush 40lb

As of 07/11/2018 •
Gripping strength in Germany and Austria


Manufacturer / Varieties of flu

Ironmind Captains of Crush - picture video

Ironmind Silver Bullet - picture - video

Ironmind Zenith - picture - video

Ironmind ImTug - Picture - Video

Ironmind Left Turn - Picture - Video

Ironmind Silverbullet - picture - video

GBI Gripper - picture - video

RB Gripper - picture - video

RB spectrum - image - video

Silarukov Gripper - picture - video

Heavy Grips - Picture - Video

Gillingham High Performance picture video

Silarukov Parallel Gripper - picture - video

Silarukov Russian Bullet - picture - video

Silarukov Bruce Lee Machine - picture - video

Horne Vulkan - picture - video

Horne Wrist Developer - Picture Video

Horne Thumbscrews - Picture Video

Silarukov Adjustable 3 - picture video

Silarukov Thumbscrews - Picture Video

Ivanko Gripper - picture - video

Tetting - picture - video

Pullum Gripmachine - picture - video


Gripper rating

If you lift a dumbbell you always know exactly how much weight you are moving with calibrated discs. This is not the case with flu.

In principle, the numbers / strengths of the grippers are useless, as they only give an approximate value. In order to determine how strong a gripper actually is, it must be calibrated in a special device. Professionals who want to get the best out of their dumbbells only work with calibrated grippers. Because here it is necessary to be able to graduate exactly to 2.5kg.

Here as an example the gradations of the Ironmind Gripper. And next to it the spectrum of the product variation that can actually be expected. This is especially important, because with an Ironmind certification (Silverbullet, Gripper, CDT) a new packed gripper has to be used unknown.

Sports80lb40lbratedmedium level:100-150lbs
#1140lb80lbratedAbsolute elite:215lbs and over

This way you get a good start in training and you can orientate yourself.

Note: if you train with uncalibrated grippers, you make it unnecessarily difficult



Gripper terminology

MG - Max Gripper

IC - Isometric Crush

PS - Practice Set

RW - Rep Work

PSC - Power Speed ​​Closes

NGW - Negative Gripper Work

CCS - Credit Card Set

MMS - Mash Monster Set

TNS - Table no Set

Choked -

Block set -

BTR - Beyond Range