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Who gets housing benefit? Requirements, entitlement and housing allowance calculation

Affordable living space is becoming more and more a matter of luck in Germany. Rents are rising steadily and applicants are queuing to get vacant apartments. If you don't have a lot of money available, you often fall by the wayside. Housing benefit can help these people. But when do you actually get housing benefit?

The most important things about housing benefit in a nutshell

Where can I apply for housing benefit?

In order to be able to apply for housing benefit, beneficiaries must contact the responsible housing benefit office.

Who gets housing benefit?

Whether or not you are entitled to housing benefit depends on the following three factors: the number of household members to be taken into account, the total income and the amount of the eligible rent or burden.

Can Hartz 4 recipients receive housing benefit?

Hartz 4 recipients are not entitled to housing benefit. The job center covers the needs for accommodation and heating.

What exactly is housing benefit?

In § 1 paragraph 1 and 2 from Housing Benefit Act (WoGG) will be the Purpose defined, the housing benefit should meet:

(1) The housing benefit serves to economically secure adequate and family-friendly living.

(2) The housing benefit is paid as a rent (rent subsidy) or burden (burden subsidy) allowance for the residential space you use yourself.

Housing benefit comes for Low wage earners in question and should one Allowance for the monthly rental costs represent. It will approved on requestif all requirements for housing benefit are met, i.e. if you are entitled to housing benefit.

In order to be able to submit an application, those affected must contact the local housing benefit authority, the municipality, city, district or district administration a corresponding Have the form handed over. There you can also get one comprehensive advicewhether a housing allowance is an option.

Who is entitled to housing benefit?

Housing benefit you can not only get if you have rented an apartment. It can also be at Homeowners or a condominium. In this case there is talk of a “burden subsidy”.

A Income limit for housing benefit is not defined. So basically every person can do one Request put. Whether this is then approved depends on the following three factors from:

  • Number of household members to be taken into account
  • Amount of total income
  • Amount of the eligible rent or burden
When in doubt so if you are considered a low wage earner you should always have one Request on the approval of housing benefit put. You can get advice in advance from your competent authority.

How much housing benefit am I entitled to?

If the application is approved, many people concerned ask themselves what the housing benefit is for Grant amount directs. To be different factors included. For one, there is Rent ceilingsthat are in different Staggered levels are.

So apply in different cities in Germany other rental levels. These are determined individually on the basis of the average rents and income for each municipality. The capital Berlin is for example in Rent level four classified, Munich and Cologne are in the highest rent level (six).

Furthermore, the Number of household members to be considered a essential factorto calculate the amount of the housing benefit. The look into the Housing benefit table from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety provides information on how much housing benefit you are entitled to in the respective city or municipality.

Hartz 4 and housing benefit

The Unemployment benefit 2 (Hartz 4) serves that Basic security for the unemployed. Depending on their existing assets, income and living conditions, those in need of assistance receive a monthly Hartz 4 rule set Money to meet daily needs.

Apartment and heating will be there considered separately. The Rental costs are through the Job center taken overif they are within a reasonable range. What as appropriate applies, depends, among other things, on the number of people living in the household and the local rent index.

But what about Hartz 4 and housing benefit? This is two benefits, which generally exclude. A Hartz 4 recipient can therefore not be entitled to housing benefit.

Notice: The Entitlement to housing benefit takes precedence over unemployment benefit 2. For this reason, the job center can, for example, request top-ups to apply for housing allowance instead of Hartz 4.

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Who gets housing benefit? Requirements, entitlement and housing allowance calculation
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