Cyrus husband killed in scandal about what happened

Scandal, season 3

Liv asks Fitz about his role in the crashed plane, but he refuses to say anything about his involvement that causes Liv to work for Josie Marcus. Mellie and Cyrus are shocked by this. Rowan, realizing that Jake is poking around in the Remington affair, plans to have him killed, while on the other hand he tries to get Cyrus to kill Josephine Marcus. Marcus is in desperate need of money and campaigners, and that leads Liv's team to shoot a fake commercial. Cy tries to turn Harrison against Liv, but fails. Jake meets with his contact, whom he asked for evidence in the Operation Remington case, but it turns out that it is a case by Rowan to have Jake killed. Jake is saved by a man hired by the president. Cyrus learns of Sally Langston's betrayal, while Rowan, with Charlie's help, slowly turns a confused Quinn into a sniper.