When do the classes start with the quote

That's why school should start later

For most adolescents, it is healthy to sleep between eight and ten hours. But most of them do not achieve that. Researchers at the University of Marburg have found that the examined 8,800 young people slept too less to have. One reason for this is the early start of school.

An American study also showed that adolescents go to bed later and later in the course of their puberty. 17-year-olds therefore only fall asleep after 11 p.m. and wake up in the morning with a sleep deficit. Strict parents might just send their children to bed sooner. But it is also a fact that young people not being able to fall asleep earlier. It contradicts their natural and internal rhythm.

It is not yet known why the sleep rhythm in adolescents shifts exactly. We only know that the brain goes through a fundamental and extensive restructuring during puberty. The clock for the internal clock, the nucleus suprachiasmaticus, is located in the hypothalamus. A possible connection has not been proven by studies.

The sleep researchers are at least certain: one later start of school would be holistic for all students. However, the results of chronobiology have not yet led to the school bell ringing later. Instead, everything stays the same, although researchers warn that it makes you fat, stupid and sick.

Chronic sleep deprivation means that learning content cannot implant well in long-term memory. In the same way, the grades worsen if sleep lasts less than seven hours per night. The later in the day a written assignment is due, the better the students do in the exams. Only in this way do the late risers get close to the performance of the others. Otherwise they are disadvantaged during the usual school and study time.

Now school doesn't have to start after noon. The sleep researchers agree: Every minute of sleep counts. Studies of 2,700 Swiss adolescents have shown that if they sleep 15 minutes longer, they sit more alert and more attentive in class.

Influence on accident statistics

Even the risk of accidents could be reduced by starting school later: In individual cases in the USA, researchers were able to demonstrate an influence on the accident statistics. When a school rescheduled the start of the first hours from 7.35 a.m. to 8.55 a.m., the number of car accidents among 16 to 18 year olds decreased by 70 percent.