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Fate - Love

HistoryAdventure, love story / P12 / Het
Hakuryuu KijaOC (Own Character) Ouryuu ZenoRyokuryuu Jea-haSon HakYona
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nd comes up to me with an evil grin. “You will have to pay for this”. Excited, I grab my slingshot attached to my hip and aim it at the gray horse's buttocks. “I don't pay anything for that!” I shout and let go. The animal then begins to neigh loudly and gallops away. The two men begin to curse and turn straight away from me. In the distance I can still see them both running after the car, from which some fruit is still rolling. "I was lucky again". I put my slings back and stretch. “Well then on to the next town. It will be a walk after all ... ".

After what feels like an eternity, I can finally see a few houses. Meanwhile, my stomach is starting to growl again, but I should rather divide up the remaining nuts.
I walk through the streets curiously. There are people everywhere. It must be one of the bigger cities. Maybe there are a few more shops here with better food and nicer jewelry that I can sell somewhere. As I stand on the corner of a house, I suddenly hear a man shouting. The voice sounds familiar to me. That must be the dealer from noon today! I peek curiously around the corner and see how he grabs a little boy with long green hair by the collar. Defenseless, he kicks in the air. "Now finally get out the clock, you ugly brat!". "I don't have a watch - you old bastard!" He grabs him tighter. "Do not lie to me!". To observe what is happening more closely, I quickly sneak past the people along the house wall and hide behind a large brown vase. The dealer looks pretty angry. But no wonder if it is stolen by two children twice a day. The boy suddenly begins to kick and a golden object falls to the ground. That must be the clock! I quickly sneak closer to the two of them and grab them. Then I sprint past the old man, who is turning in a circle, confused, and stop a few meters further. He still hasn't let go of the boy. I put the watch in my pocket and then pull out the stolen apple. "Well, do you still know him?" I scream and I throw it against his head with full force, whereupon he finally drops the other child. "You annoying bastard!" He yells at me and rubs his head. Laughing, I run through the crowd and try to disappear from his field of vision.
Five minutes later, I'm sitting on the roof of a multi-story house, which I climbed with a ladder. “How much is it worth?” I ask myself, turning the gold watch back and forth in my hands. "In any case, enough to get something to eat!" Startled, I jump up and slip the watch into my pocket. In front of me is the boy with the long green hair who was almost beaten up earlier by the dealer. "Give it back to me!" I start giggling nervously. “I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have anything from you! ”I lie. Then he puts his hands on his hips and stands in front of me, legs apart. "The clock. I dropped it earlier. You picked it up and ran away ”. "I don't have a watch," I continue to answer and cross my arms over my chest. He's at least a head taller than me, but I'm not scared of that. "Girl, you are a really bad liar". “I'm not lying!” I counter loudly and look straight into his face, “You're just stupid!”. But suddenly I see a huge shadow appear next to us. The two men from earlier spotted us. "Now we finally have you guys". Says the older of the two and grins angrily at us. Suddenly the green-haired boy grabs my arm. "Quick, come on," he says and suddenly jumps off the roof onto the opposite one. Panicked, I grab him by the arm with my other hand and kick after him, but he doesn't stop and jumps on over the roofs until we reach the ground in a small alley at some point, probably at the other end of town. Scared and out of breath I sink to the floor. “We should be rid of them,” the boy replies and starts to laugh. Shocked look at him and can't hold back my tears. The expression on his face changes and he leans a little towards me. "All good?". I start sobbing. "W-what did you do ?!" I answer, rubbing my eyes. "Ahh," he says and turns around overwhelmed. We'll both be silent for a few minutes. "Maybe I should take you home," he murmurs suddenly. I then lift my head and stand up. "Home ... that's right," I mumble and, with a grin on my face, pull out the gold watch and press it into his hands. "I ... still have to look for my home. This is not here ”. He looks at me confused. "Search?". "Yes!". Then I take out a little piece of paper and hold it out to him. "Inabe .... Ms. Hina and Mr. Kaito Ito," he reads out. “That's exactly where I have to go!” I announce and jump past him, motivated.

"Who do you think the boy was?" No one has really spoken to me for the past six months. Which is probably due to my black shaggy hair that is constantly hanging in my face. I wonder if you can even see my eyes, they're pitch black too. I'm sure people are all afraid of me. But I wonder why he stole the watch. Do you think his parents are poor? I look up at the sky It's still as nice and light blue as it was a few hours ago. I left town a few minutes ago and am walking along a dirt road. Hopefully this is the right direction. Unfortunately, I can't do more than people ask and read the signs. Suddenly I hear footsteps and a quiet gasp behind me. "Hey, girl!" I turn around abruptly. It is the boy with long green hair who is now standing in front of me puffing. "I'll come with you". I look at him with wide eyes. "You ... you come with me?" He nods and keeps walking towards me. “Actually, I have nothing to do anyway, I can just as easily accompany you. I'm sure it's boring alone ”.

Overjoyed, I have been walking silently next to him for half an hour. The path we walk on still looks the same. "Tell me ... where do you actually live?" I start a conversation. “Nowhere,” he replies. I look at him in amazement. "Nowhere?" "Yeah, I ran away". I look thoughtfully at the floor. "Why? Did something happen?". He crosses his arms behind his head. "Mhhhh. My ... guard used to lock me up and beat me. At some point he died. The other villagers didn't like me very much and I didn't want to be locked up again, so I just ran away ”. I look at him sympathetically and stop. That must have been terrible. Uncle and aunt have always loved me. "They were really that angry with you?" I ask, shocked. But he just shrugs and looks past me with a slight grin. Then I take a step towards him and hold him tightly in my arms. "If you're with me, I promise I'll never hurt you!" I mumble into his shirt. I then hear a soft laugh and he puts his hand on my head.

In the meantime it has already got dark and we have both reached a forest in which we have settled in a small cave. “What's your name anyway?” The boy asks me and puts a few branches in a pile. "Mei", I answer and sit in front of it. "You?". "I'm Jae-Ha," he says, trying to make a fire with his hands. “Ohh you can do that?” I ask, fascinated and lean forward a little, “do you know what would be really cool? If we could spit fire Like dragons! ”. He looks at me with narrowed eyes and shakes his head. "Nah. Not really". I lean back and flinch when I hear a rustle from a corner. It's a rabbit. "How old are you?" Asks Jae-Ha, who has already managed to generate a few sparks. "I'm seven ... and you?" He looks at me in amazement. "Thirteen. And you're traveling around here all by yourself? Aren't you afraid of being alone at night? ". I shrug my shoulders. "You get used to it". Now he has managed to light a small fire. I happily hold my hands over it. "How come you are alone ...?". He looks at me cautiously. “I lived with my uncle and my aunt. Our village was attacked and my uncle just gave me this piece of paper and told me to run away and go look for my parents. I don't know about more ... “, I tell and think about how I ran away crying and saw our house burning in the distance. "Oh," he says, staring at the flames. Sighing, I pull my legs up and put my arms around my knees. “I miss uncle and aunt. You were always so nice to me .. ", I mumble and stare into the flames as well. I would like nothing more than if the two of them were sitting next to me and hugging me. "Hey ..". I look up and to Jae-Ha again. “Come here,” he says, sliding against the wall of the cave. Without thinking about it I crawl over to him and suddenly he pulls me towards him. "You are still so small, you shouldn't be so alone and have to take care of yourself". I look at him with tears in my eyes. Nobody has been so nice to me for a long time. "May I call you Onii-chan?" I ask and snuggle up to him. "Sure," he replies and puts his arm around me.
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