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Kakashi Hatake acknowledges his lack of involvement in his student's training and how he failed as a sensei. Sakura Haruno is finally making use of her potential despite being neglected by her teacher, becomes mature and accomplishes more than anyone else thought she would. Tobirama Senju sacrifices his well-being in order to maintain his dream of peace. All three of them make mistakes of varying degrees of importance.

This is a story in which legends turn out to be human, confessions are long overdue, politics prove to be unforgiving and requiring sacrifices and the constraints of time become obliterated. Love in the shinobi world does not bring naïve hope that everything will be fine. All wrapped in a thin veil of fluff and humor, because why not.

Rated M due to the planned content of the future chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor most of the characters described here.