What is the abbreviation for parenthood

What is parenting?

1. Description of the service

1.1. MINILEX.at (hereinafter "MINILEX" or the "Service") is an online service maintained by MINILEX. The service is designed for use in Finland.

1.2. Products and services other than those of MINILEX may also be offered on Minilex. The providers of these external products and services are referred to below as third parties.

1.3. By using this service, the user accepts the applicable terms of use as binding. If the user does not want to be bound by these terms of use, he must immediately cease using the service.

2. Rights of use for the materials and intangible rights

2.1. The copyrights to the service and all material available through it are owned by MINILEX or a possible third party.

2.2. The complete or partial copying, use, reproducing, renting, duplicating, other distribution and other commercial use of this service or the material available through it is prohibited in any form without the prior written consent of the service. A violation of copyright can lead to criminal prosecution as well as claims for damages against. the service or any third party.

2.3. The material on the service can be linked to other websites, insofar as such a link does not constitute an act against good faith. MINILEX or MINILEX.fi must always be notified of the borrowing of service material, stating the source, and the page that borrowed the material must be linked. Please contact the service in exceptional cases.

3. MINILEX's rights, obligations and limitations of liability

3.1. MINILEX does not guarantee the functionality or correctness of the texts, images, links, the various animations or the other technically stored data published in the service. These can contain technical or content-related errors or deficiencies.

3.2. MINILEX assumes no liability for the functionality of the programs provided in the service or necessary for the use of the service, or for direct or indirect damage suffered by the user as a result of errors or disruptions in these programs.

3.3. MINILEX is never liable for interruptions, viruses, data traffic disruptions or any data changes caused by this, lost data or other damage caused by technical errors, maintenance or installation work.

3.4. MINILEX is not liable for any errors or deficiencies in the content of databases or for any direct or indirect damage caused to the user through their use.

3.5. MINILEX is never liable for the marketing activities of third parties that are carried out via the service, for the correctness of the data transmitted and for the marketing of third parties or their products and services.

3.6. MINILEX reserves the right to change the service and to reproduce, expand or remove data and other materials published in the service.

3.7. MINILEX reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time.

3.8. MINILEX assumes no liability for damage caused by force majeure or a corresponding reason over which MINILEX was unable to influence.

4. Rights and duties of the user

4.1. The user undertakes to comply with Finnish legislation and regulations as well as the (N) etiquette with regard to the use of the service and the data and materials conveyed through it.

4.2. The user is responsible for not transmitting or otherwise using any data protected by copyright or any other intangible right without the consent of the rightful owner of the rights. The user is solely responsible for the consequences of violating the above obligation.

4.3. The user is solely responsible for all costs and other consequences related to the use of the service and the services and products ordered through it.

5. Rules regarding the sections “Ask a lawyer” and “Call lawyers to participate in the competition

5.1. Finnish law and regulations apply to the sections “Ask a lawyer” and “Call for lawyers to compete”. In the sections “Ask a lawyer” and “Call up lawyers for a competition”, it is forbidden: ∙ Posting the contact and personal data of private individuals without proper consent. ∙ Post irrelevant or hurtful comments about other users, certain people or groups of people. ∙ Post illegal or infringing material. ∙ Asking someone to commit a crime or violence. ∙ Publish racist literature. ∙ Describe or depict pornography. ∙ Use copyrighted material. ∙ Create links to files or pages that contain violent, racist, pornographic or illegal material. ∙ To market or promote products or services without MINILEX's approval. ∙ Send bulk emails.

5.2. MINILEX assumes no liability for the texts written under the headings "Ask a lawyer" and "Call for lawyers to compete" or their consequences. The rubrics are used at the user's own risk.

5.3. The questions placed in the "Ask a lawyer" section are always published in the service and are therefore visible to everyone in this form. Never perform personal, sensitive or confidential etc. Data that you do not want to make visible to everyone.

5.4. Private lawyers answer the questions posted on MINILEX. Neither MINILEX nor the lawyers who answered questions accept any liability for the quality or the consequences of the answers that they have posted in the service. The answers posted in the service do not constitute legal instructions or advice on which the questioner can always rely without reassurance. You must always consult a legal professional in order to be certain of legal rights or obligations with regard to the question you are raising.

5.5. As a user, you understand and accept that the free answer you received under the heading “Ask a lawyer” may only have a general introductory character and as such may not necessarily be applicable to individual cases. As a user, you understand and accept that the lawyer who submitted the introductory answer did not necessarily have all of the information about your question available and that he was therefore unable to give a comprehensive final answer.

5.6. After an introductory conversation with the lawyer, you can contact him yourself and, if you wish, instruct the lawyer. In this case, a contract is always created between the lawyer and you, whereby neither the service nor MINILEX act as contracting parties or assume any liability with regard to the contractual relationship.

5.7. Minilex is not liable for the advice nor for the contracts concluded between the user and lawyers or law firms that have been submitted or have arisen under the heading “Calling lawyers to compete”.

5.8. The lawyers who answer in the service are self-employed, i.e. they are not representatives or employees of MINILEX and have no contractual relationship with MINILEX.

5.9. The service and MINILEX reserve all rights to remove irrelevant, illegal or other fonts from the service. The publication of such a disturbance report can lead to the tracking of the IP address and possibly to a police investigation.

6. Terms of use for articles of law and other material posted on MINILEX

6.1. By using MINILEX, the user accepts that all legal articles and other materials placed in the service may only contain instructions and models of a general nature and as such are not necessarily applicable to individual cases.

6.2. The Service, MMINILEX and the authors of the Legal Knowledge Articles or any other material shall never be held responsible for any errors or deficiencies in the content of the Service or for any problems or damage caused by the use of the material.

7. Terms of use for the sections Legal Directory and Legal Profiles

The lawyers described therein are liable for the content and data of the profiles in the sections Legal Directory and Legal Profiles. MINILEX is never liable for any errors or deficiencies in the content of the service or for problems or damage caused by the use of the material.

8. Other terms

8.1. As a user, you can use the data contained in the service for your own, non-commercial use, but never publish, resell, borrow, license or otherwise profit economically from the data contained in the service without entering into a separate written contract with the service to have.

8.2. MINILEX or MINILEX do not guarantee the legal or other correctness and topicality of the texts, images, videos, voices and other materials placed in the service.

8.3. MINILEX reserves the right to keep registers regarding the use of the service. MINILEX and MINILEX reserve the right to use and forward the data in the register for purposes that can be justified by their work.

8.4. The user has the right to prohibit the data registered by him from being used by the service, MINILEX or its subsidiaries for the purpose of direct advertising as well as for other direct marketing and for market and opinion research.

8.5. Finnish law applies to this contract. Any disagreement related to this contract will be dealt with in Finland in the Oulu District Court.

8.6. The service reserves all rights to change these terms of use at any time.