The ones we love

Those we love don't die, just go ahead of us

Today I woke up earlier than usual, the window was opened, there was fog and the sun peeked through two clouds, held hands and protected him embarrassingly, that glow ... I feel so aimless: I have the old coat black, hot and still had yours Perfume riddled since I last shared with you that cold night that our bodies and souls have turned into a glowing winter night!

Where the rain outside was mistaken for our moans and laughs! And your perfume mixes with mine when I wear this jacket and you know I always insist on using it in the morning so I agree more inspired and comforted just to think that one day, we exist, we already exist . We lived so intensely that nothing else mattered

The hours became minutes, the nights became days and only our world existed? Do you remember when you called in the middle of the night just to open the door you said you couldn't sleep without kissing me goodnight first. And how many times did I stay up and wait for the phone to ring and you ask me to open the door? How often do I wish your kiss was wet and full of fire, but with a single tenderness. You And do you know what makes you such a special woman? Do you know what makes you a special woman? It is that your fire confuses itself and mixes with a tenderness and a perfectly antagonistic sweetness, but of an extraordinary perfection! "You always cried for me when you said you wanted me more than ever, but with that cute look!" So many times I've called you crazy for making me do things I never imagined! Leave the apartment in the middle of the night to feel the rain on your face and run your hand in the wind! And worst of all, I couldn't say no!

We were one or two souls who are united, perfected and balanced.

Everything that one didn't have, the other could have twice! What a perfect symbiosis whenever we've shared the blanket that was on the sofa in your house and so many secrets it keeps! And so often our accomplice has laughter, tears, love, dismay, disappointment, victories ... I kept it to this day, do you think? And sleep with me and whenever I feel insecure, I wrap myself in it, you know me, you know me! Protect me, protect me just like you, only you know how to do it! Do you know this power that you always had over me? Your hands looked like cotton whenever they touched my worried body and looked forward to you! You know that time you wanted to go to the beach on a Friday night and we love you under the waves and I counted seven because it was the seventh wave of the sea that you wanted to throw the rose I gave you on the road, when we find out that Indian gentleman will sell roses for 5 euros? The power of our love won all these vicissitudes that crossed the path so, so many nights that I couldn't sleep because it wasn't you, had fears, fears that only you understand and know my mind so well.

Nobody has ever known me like you! You are the one I have chosen to join me on this journey that is life! Do you have any idea what that is? Do you know the flaw you make me Do you have any idea what it is like to fall asleep without a master and you sleep well before you turn off the lights? You do not want to? But you should! I can't accept that he let you go, I can't accept that you left me in this horrible way!

Those we love don't die

I don't have you anymore, we don't have anymore.They were sudden and unfair, I know I have to accept this sad ending for an almost perfect story! And today? I decided to write to you, I decided to throw away the blanket of memories, I decided never to wear that old coat, I decided to remember you, as my best memory, as my only true story of love and madness! (IeAnd today, my dear, I cry all the tears in our photo the last summer vacation and try to comfort my pain in your sweet look and tender smile, but whose rebel hair is touched by the wind makes me want so much, you in me to have again!

Today you are up there and you look at me through this ashamed sun, how happy are all those who have the gift of your company! I bet you call someone up at night to look at the other part of heaven, the less heavenly, less heavenly. You play with fire, don't you play At this moment I feel obsessed with a great will for you! But today I'll let you go forever.

I'll always have you in me, I'll have us in me until death takes you too

brings and we can hug each other in silence and stay there in our eternity! Because today I can see that those we love don't die, they just walk away from us. And you? You went before me, but you continue inside me! PS I Love You. Sleep well