Season ticket tfl check payable to whom

(1) The owner must notify his immediate foreman and the issuer of the failure to pay within the four working days beginning on the day of the protest or the making of the equivalent determination or, in the case of the note "free of charge", on the day of Follow presentation. Each endorser must inform his immediate foreman of the message he has received within two working days of receipt of the message and give him the names and addresses of those who have given the message beforehand, and so on in the order to the issuer. The deadlines run from the receipt of the previous message.

(2) If a person whose signature is on the check is given notice in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the same notice must be given to his or her check guarantor within the same period.

(3) If an endorser has not given his address or given in illegible form, it is sufficient that his immediate foreman is informed.

(4) The message can be given in any form, including simply returning the check.

(5) The person obliged to notify must prove that he has notified within the prescribed period. The deadline is deemed to have been met if a letter containing the notification has been posted within the deadline.

(6) Anyone who fails to notify in good time does not lose recourse; he is liable for any damage caused by his negligence, but only up to the amount of the check.