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The General Assembly


First of all, some important information:NOBODY can "register" or "join" a Constituent Assembly. Every citizen who lives, resides and / or works within the scope of this Constituent Assembly has been legally registered by the Constituent Assembly since October 11, 2015. The registration offered by our registration office serves to obtain the eligibility for the later citizenship of Germany and has nothing to do with membership of the Constituent Assembly of Germany.

The general assembly, which publishes its information on this website, is always the legal and legal part of a constituent assembly worldwide. It writes the constitution and creates the transitional order for an unorganized state structure if necessary. The General Assembly can enact laws and rules in an unorganized state structure in order to ensure a provisional order for the transitional period for the duration of the Constituent Assembly. It is always active on behalf of the constitutional people.


The Federal Constitutional Court confirmed in its judgment BVerfG 2 BvG 1/51, Second Senate, guiding principle 21: "A constituent assembly is a globally recognized act under international law and has a higher legal status than the representative body elected on the basis of the enacted constitution. It is in the possession of the constituent power of the people. "


Do you have a lot of questions? Then you can take part in the Germany meeting or the Live broadcasts (with studio phone) to hear the transition council or your question on phone to deliver. You will also find in the Table of Contents many legal statements about the legal situation. The General Assembly is always there for you and represents the interests of the constitutional people directly and without exception.