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General practitioner - one for all cases

On October 1st, 2015 Reitz opened her general practice in the 25,000-inhabitant city in the Hessian Wetteraukreis. General medicine was initially out of the question for her during her studies. A block internship in internal medicine then turned things around.

After completing her specialist training in general medicine, she worked as an employed doctor for almost six months. This was followed by the step into self-employment.

Reitz made several points that, in her opinion, speak in favor of the medical establishment:

According to Reiz, this allows you to freely design your own work environment. This also includes:

  • Selection of the location of the branch
  • Free choice when putting together the practice team

According to Reitz, everyday working life is very varied, with treatments for both chronic and acute illnesses in emergency, acute and long-term care. As a family doctor, she also has an important intermediary function when it comes to further treatment by doctors from other specialties.

Reitz also highlighted the long-term loyalty of many patients as positive. This results in a broad spectrum in terms of the age of those to be cared for. Her oldest patient is over 90 years old, her youngest patient a few weeks old. You can also experience the development of patients and their résumés over years or even decades.

Source: Catharina Reitz, specialist in general medicine, lecture "One for all cases? - Specialist in general medicine", Operation Career Congress 2016, Frankfurt / Main.