650cc implants correspond to which cup size

Breast augmentation Frankfurt - make your dream of a beautiful breast come true

Wear the compression girdle The compression girdle ensures that the implants do not slip and that they can heal well. In addition, it creates relief for the skin and the scars. You should wear the special bra day and night for at least six weeks in order to achieve a perfect result.

Do not take a shower for the first few days after the procedure The fresh wounds should be kept dry for the time being so as not to disturb the healing of the scars. That is why I recommend that you only wash with a washcloth in the first few days after the operation and keep your compression girdle on. However, this only applies to a very few days in which you should exclusively rest anyway.

Sleep and rest with your body elevated Due to the raised upper body while sleeping and resting, your lymph flow is optimal and there is less or less swelling. Simply put a pillow or blanket underneath so that you get a slightly elevated position. You will find that this position is more comfortable for you too.

Refrain from physical strain In the first few days you should allow your body a lot of rest and avoid physical strain. You should also avoid sporting activities for at least six weeks after the breast augmentation in order not to disrupt wound healing. Moving with your arms above your head and carrying heavy weights should also be allowed to stay for some time.

Avoid putting pressure on your chest In the first time after the breast operation in Frankfurt, make sure that you do not put any pressure on the operated area, so you should sleep on your back for some time. Over time, you will get a feeling for when your chest is becoming less sensitive. At the latest when you take off the special bodice, you can sleep on your stomach again.