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Her passive (Eye for Quality) allows Loba to spot purple and gold items through walls, and works with Care Packages, too, meaning no loot is off her radar.

In Season 9, Loba's Burglar's Best Friend Tactical finally received its much-needed fixes, and Loba can now run and slide at full speed while aiming the bracelet and while the bracelet is in the air, and no longer be slowed after translocating.

Loba is being slept on, and it's time we wake up.


Mirage has moved several times in this tier list - from C to A, and now S, then A again, and back to S, and now B Tier - phew! It's quite a move, but it isn't unwarranted.

Where his decoys were unstrategic mannequins, they are now controlled by Mirage, mimicking his every move, and fooling the enemies into believing that's the real Holographic Trickster himself for a whole 60 seconds. His ultimate is a bunch of Mirage Mimics, again, giving your team the real ability to confuse opponents, and allowing your Mirage to make an escape.

Mirage is almost above Lifeline power levels when it comes to reviving teammates, as he not only cloaks when using a respawn beacon, but also when reviving, and that's not all - the teammate being revived is also invisible! In previous seasons, GGRecon suggested Mirage needed a big buff, and we definitely got one.

In a Season 7 update, Mirage’s decoys now have 45 health - adding another element to their trickery. Add to that the Season 8 addition of "decoy footsteps", and you've got a whole lot of bamboozle on your hands.

Season 9 hasn’t changed Mirage much, and as other Legends rise, one must fall. Sorry buddy.


These twoApex Legends Characters are in C tier for a reason; whether that be purely stat-based (win rate and pick rate), for usability / usefulness, or just because their time in the spotlight has waned.


Wattson is one of the members you used to always see included in any apex Ranked or Apex Legends competitive team, and for good reason. Her electric fence ability holds positions to perfection, while her ultimate Interception Pylon destroys grenades and airstrikes (and now Caustic barrels in flight) that go anywhere near her teammates, while also charging their shields. In this way, she's not only a defensive character but also support (although she isn't canonically in this category). Finding out where teams are pushing from by securing the area behind you, or any nearby entry / exit points is invaluable. Camping or hiding and using your perimeter fences to defend an area is beneficial, but Wattson herself isn't the best apex character.

Season 7 brought about much-needed changes for Wattson, but they still weren't enough. Her Perimeter Security fence damage was increased from 10 to 15.

In Season 8, the average gamer's experience was way less strategic than in pro play, and relies more on recon and open than her strat pylon plays. There's no use trapping up a house for the final ring when there are only two teams left, compared to the 10 that usually still exist in an ALGS game. While positioning is still key in play apex and Ranked modes, and Wattson is key to that, it's not the be-all and end-all of that match.

Season 9 added one key component to Wattson's kit - the removal of Low Profile, meaning she no longer takes 5% extra damage due to her smaller stature.


His grapple is polished, and so is his gameplay. Or at least it what. Pathfinder (affectionately known as Path) is the wholesome robot Legend just looking for his creator. His movement abilities were by far the most powerful of allApex Legendscharacters, again, allowing for ease of rotation across the map, and during engagements. His tactical grapple was nerfed in Season 5 (taking the cooldown from 15 seconds to massive 35 seconds) and severely affected his pick rate, dropping from 22% to 10.56%.

In Season 6, Pathfinder was finally given some mercy, although not enough. When using a Survey Beacon to find the next ring location, the Ultimate Zipline cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Useful, but Path just doesn't have what it takes anymore.

Season 7 Pathfinder benefited from Season 6 buffs that changed his Grapple cooldown based on distance traveled, and now, Pathfinder doesn’t need to have hit the ground for the Grappling Hook to be considered finished, and max cooldown lowered to 30 seconds.

Path is rarely seen these days, and you'll be hard-pressed to find one in any given lobby.


Seventeen total Legends means we now need a D Tier, the worst of the worst. That isn't to say that these Legends don't add something to the game, because they do - just not quite enough.


Crypto didn't receive a warm welcome when he joinedApex Legends, and not much has changed.

Genuinely taking on his role of a Recon character, and with less vulnerability when using his Drone, Crypto can use Survey Beacons (as can Pathfinder and Bloodhound). Crypto's Drone can now activate Respawn and Survey Beacons, not just pick up Banners. The Drone also received an HP boost, double the health points, in fact (60 HP). But the 40-second cooldown when it’s destroyed is still a bummer, when it doesn’t provide much more than a Bloodhound scan.

So why isn't he in a higher tier, I hear you ask? Well, his EMP Ultimate now slows teammates caught in the blast (although it still doesn't crack friendly shields) - and that's not great. Maybe next season, Crypto.

The main reason for Cryptos inclusion in D Tier is his utter defencelessness when piloting his drone - perhaps a shield that surrounds him, with a minor amount of health (maybe 50HP like Gibby’s gun shield) could help.


Rampart was a breath of fresh air in an admittedly stale Legend meta, bringing defense, offence, and a ton of other useful perks for those who love to run 'n' gun, but also camp, and play strategically, but now she's fallen in the ranks slightly as the novelty wears off.

Her Tactical Ability, Amped Cover, provides many different gameplay tactics, even in the heat of battle. Getting those Amped sniper shots can be the difference between victory and defeat. Using the cover to block doorways, flanks, or even build a base is valuable, but most enemy teams will now prioritize taking out her defenses, leaving her, well ... defenceless.

Season 7 brought about changes to Rampart’s Sheila turret, now only taking 1.25 seconds to fully spin up, down from 2 seconds. Her Amped Walls only take 3 seconds to fully build, and with Season 8, now have 45HP, allowing you to lock those doors fast.


The Season 8 legend made an explosive entrance - but seems to have gone out with a whimper, rather than a bang.

Australian Fuse is here for a bombastic time, not a long time, and is a purely offensive legend. His Passive (Grenadier) allows him to stack more grenades than his peers, and fire them further, faster, and more accurately, but many players may think “well, I'm pretty good at throwing frags as it is” so he doesn ' t help much there.

While his Knuckle Cluster Tactical now has two charges, it simply doesn't do enough damage.

A well-placed Fuse Motherlode Ult can burn opponents to a crisp, but many Legends can either outrun it, or phase / grapple / fly out of harm's way.

Having a purely attacking arsenal isn't always good, meaning he almost always has to be paired with a recon or support legend for back-up and info-gathering, unlike someone like Bangalore, who can smoke to escape situations, or Crypto, who can get the tea on surrounding teams, and snap their shields in one fell swoop.


Okay, we have to address the elephant in the room. Why has Rev been demoted from Tier since Season 8? Well, we can explain.

While Revenant was seeing more and moreapexpro playtime, and dare we say, being slept on in casual play too, his time in the sun is over, and the simulacrum must slink back into the shadows.

When his Silence ability usage was doubled, most opponents still found a way to continue the fights, even without phasing or grappling.

Revenant's Death Totem Ultimate ability provides his teammates with a second chance at life, and in a recent update, now adds more health and shields on resurrecting when returning to the totem after being 'downed'. The totem itself must be placed in the perfect position for returning teammates, where another team can't lay in wait for their arrival, which can be tricky when apex is the home of third parties.

Do you agree or disagree with our Apex Legends Animal ruse? Let us know on Twitter @GGReconEsports.

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