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How to use honey in cooking

Honey is a food that can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Because honey is available in so many different flavors, it complements and enhances both sweet and savory dishes. So-called varietal honey mainly comes from just one specific plant such as lavender, acacia or clover. They each have an individual aroma and give dishes their very own taste when they are cooked. The areas of application are numerous:

• Vegetables can be combined very well with the sweetness of honey. Add a little honey to cooked carrots, turnips or peas. Salad dressings can also be complemented well with honey - the acidity of the vinegar represents an aromatic contrast to the sweetness of the honey. After all, dips for raw vegetables can also tolerate the sweet taste. Dips based on yoghurt or quark are particularly suitable for this.

• Honey can also give meat dishes an additional flavor note. An example are marinades, the spicy or hot aroma of which absorbs the sweetness very well. Meat cooked in the oven can be brushed with honey to give it a crust. Finally, honey is also very suitable for seasoning sauces for meat.

• Fish and honey are also a delicate combination. The sauce in particular can be seasoned with honey. Alternatively, you can brush fish fillets directly with honey. Salmon or shrimp in particular go well with the honey aroma, for example in combination with mustard.

• Honey-mustard sauce is a versatile classic that complements and refines many different dishes. The combination goes well with meat, fish, salads or as a base for dips. For a salad dressing, for example, mix one part mustard with two parts honey and two parts vinegar and season with salt and pepper.

• Honey is also suitable for baking. For example, replace the sugar in a batter with honey. Because of its strong sweetening power, 100 grams of sugar should be replaced with only about 75 grams of honey. In addition, the amount of liquid in the recipe should be reduced by two to three tablespoons. Remember that cakes and pastries will have a distinct honey aroma and will brown a little faster.