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HEY! We are gofeminine

In 1999, the Parisian Anne Sophie Pastel Dubanton was pregnant when she searched the Internet for a website that explicitly addresses women and deals with topics that concern them in various life situations.

Disappointed with the existing websites, she and her husband, an IT specialist, decide to set up aufeminin.com - a website that caters to the needs of women and where they can find all the topics that interest and concern them but they are also entertained and can switch off.

The couple becomes a dream team not only in their private lives, but also professionally, and with aufeminin.com they create the most successful women's portal in France in a short time. Her principle: women are in the middle of life. They do an excellent job in their jobs and in their families, they cultivate relationships and shape our society. aufeminin.com is supposed to support them every day - with advice on relationships, families and babies, inspiration for a happy and healthy life, authentic tips on beauty and fashion and the most exciting trends and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other women. Her goal: to inspire and network women.

The success story then quickly took its international course. In 2001 gofeminin was launched in Germany and gofeminin.de GmbH was founded., Today aufeminin helps women in 9 countries to lead an inspired, self-confident and happy life.

gofeminin.de publishes over 400 articles per month, 15 times as many as a classic print magazine. gofeminin is first mover when it comes to digital trends, reacts to the needs of users and the content can be accessed anytime and anywhere, whether on the smartphone or via social media channels.

The editorial team attaches great importance to high-quality content and ensures that the site is the first port of call when it comes to women's issues.