In what †‹вЂ‹ year was Elizabeth Burgin born?

Historic Addressbooks Project information

Welcome to the Database of Historic Addressbooks

Historical address books are an important source for historians of different research areas as well as for family researchers. In this database, data sets transcribed by volunteer collaborators are made available, through a common database program, for free-of-charge online queries.

Since September 2013 it has become even easier to participate in the further expansion of the address book database. With the online recording in our data recording system (DES), everyone can easily participate. You can find all information about this via the Participate link in the navigation menu on the left. So far, the address book data recorded with the DES cannot be searched using this system. They can, however, be searched through the search in the address books recorded with DES. Unfortunately, you currently have to use both searches for a complete result!

You have to specify at least a family name, occupation or place name.