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5 day hair recipe

So you know how eating healthy without a plan is like ... impossible? Unless you have a private chef or skills beyond my comprehension - if you're gonna avoid the fast food / sweets / whatever’s easiest pitfalls you have to have a plan. If you're really smart you'll do “food prep” once a week where you cook, chop and make it otherwise super accessible so that later on during the week when you become busy or weak or hangry you'll have your hard boiled eggs and chopped celery there to save you from the fall.

Well after a very successful couple of weeks doing that I started thinking that same concept really could apply to may other areas of my life. One in particular.

My hair.

I figured if I could take a few extra minutes on Monday to prep my locks properly and have a plan I could probably spend the rest of the weekdays riding those coat tails. By the time the weekend hits I’d be ready to get a fresh do and I’d have the time and energy I’d saved from the last 4 days!

So I tried it and it was a smashing success. I thought you'd better know about it too.

I used:

Redken Windblown (I'm obsessed, I know)
1 ″ curling iron
Dry shampoo

Also for more in depth tips on how to sleep and all that check out this post

PS thank you so much for all your sweet comments on my previous post! It's so nice to get support from women with many different perspectives :)